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1.- China is the second larger partner of USA behind Canada, while USA is the largest partner of China.

2.- 4 relevant conflicts between China – USA, the rare earths, currency valuations of dollar and yuan, sollar cell and the sovereignty of several islands in the South China Sea.

3.- Conclusion,

China and USA are at the same time,

the best partners


the great rivals.

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118 American cities x 191 Chinese cities = 22.538 business places.


South China Sea

China is going


warning to US that World War III could be inevitable if USA continues meddling in South China Sea conflict,


soft relationships with the other parts of the conflict;

Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam, who claim the islands’ sovereignty against China's expansion.

Rare earths

China produces about 97% of all rare earths, crucial to the making of numerous high-tech products

USA charges that China is putting unfair restrictions on its exports of rare earths,

China argues environmental reasons


Rare earths are also critical to national defense -- used in tanks, ships, radar systems, night vision –

And in green-energy products, wind turbines, batteries for electric vehicles, etc

Currency valuation

The devaluation of Yuan (renmibi) another factor (among many others) that affect positively to Chinese exports,

American’s Exports to China 123,675.7

Chinese exports to USA 466,754.5

China is accused of manipulating currency markets to keep the yuan undervalued, thus making goods produced in China cheaper and more competitive on the world market.

the 2014 record USA’s comercial déficit -343,078.8 billion with China last year


Chinese solar cell manufacturers are illegally "dumping" their products on the American market at excessively cheap prices.

The United States is also fighting tariffs China has on U.S. chicken exports.

by 2030?

1 three super container hub ports will be formed in Shanghai, Qingdao and Hong Kong, and Chinese firms will become global container terminal operators. foreign capital will inevitably enter all areas of this Chinese shipping industry, and the shipping and port sectors will be affected by marketization.

China will no longer interfere in areas where resource allocation should be market-based.

2 The Yangtze River is predicted to reach 3.8 billion tons in 2030, making the main distribution channel in the world. Four hub ports along the river —

Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing and Suzhou.

3 the country’s One Belt, One Road strategy.

by 2030 due to the Silk Road Economic Belt (crossing all Russia) and the Maritime Silk Road (towards Latin America) Europe and USA won’t be the main partners China’s container transportation as they are today.


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