China about OBOR 4.0 and Coronavirus

The Belt and Road route

At the same time, China is motivated to boost global economic links to its western regions, which historically have been neglected. Promoting economic development in the western province of Xinjiang, where separatist violence has been on the upswing, is a major priority, as is securing long-term energy supplies from Central Asia and the Middle East, especially via

routes the U.S. military cannot disrupt.

More such stories are likely, according to a 2018 report by the Center for Global Development, which notes that eight BRI countries are vulnerable to debt crises. CFR’s Belt and Road Tracker shows overall debt to China has soared since 2013, surpassing 20 percent of GDP in some countries.


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IoT-IIoT-IoTT(internet of things and thoughts)

with AI for Smart cities


There was no people so carnal that they could be wrong


The places that are hidden are equivocal

but they can suit us

And the few places discovered are univocal

like a myth.

Confinement yes and only yes, hysteria.

Wouldn't we end up in similar deaths, without taking more measures than the mask at work, and the sick person at home?

We are facing an event, of great importance, from the philosophical point of view.

Just look at the bustle of the journalists, making their August, chasing the bustle of the sick, dying, and dead.

How many are cured in the ICU among those who meet the highest risk factors, age, pathologies?

What percentage do these represent of the total of those admitted to the ICU?

Does it really compensate, if very few were cured, enter them?

Would they have similar odds at home?

Is it true that the infected population already reaches between 10 and 20%?

What good is confinement then?

Can you put doors to the field?

A fire or a virus can devastate northern Ukraine, without touching Belarus, although CovitoVid (COVID19 or Coronavirus)

it does not destroy, rather, it yields

the sunken.

It is useless to clarify the elementary propositions, to build the rest, if a gram weighs more than a kilo on their stunned souls and heads.


As Jesus acclaimed colt entered Jerusalem

Zacarías says simultaneously and by the way, several centuries before:

"They will be in combat, the children of Zion, like brave men trampling their enemies, in the mud of the streets"



"My soul is sad until death."

It must have been an agony


"In the days before the flood, people ate, drank, and married."

It doesn't take a sharp mind to see the lying words.

Just look at the rude figures.

Do you live in Syria, or in Yemen, do you know what a war is?

Are you really aware of what you are saying, politicians and journalists?

What happens to the West?

Can anyone die in the West?

Whoever never dies, who cast the first stone

The Black Death was even more terrible than a great War: 100 million deaths, 20% of the world population.

If there were 1,400,000,000 deaths from # COVID19, for now there are 200 per crown, there would be almost a percentage draw.

Crematories cannot cope

What will the crematoria have?

What percentage of dead seniors over the age of 80 are literally resting in peace?

60%? another 70%, more?

How is the life of kind in the nursing homes?

How many of the dead had Alzheimer's or were disabled without physical independence, or the light of their soul was completely extinguished without the slightest illusion, pulling the only animal and instinctive grip on life, to continue living?

Is the death of the "living dead" really a tragedy?

Or is it actually a relief?

Wouldn't tragedy be more like a virus that kills children?

24,000 dead and climbing by COVID19

140,000 for Measles

And nobody cares if they are old or children.

COVID is lethal and specific (elderly, pensioners, and specific patients) and

no cure (no vaccine or antivirals for them).

That is to say, it would have been enough if they had kept their Lent at home, and attended only to them, to no one else if they give symptoms, and would have followed everything, hospitals, businesses, shops, etc. almost the same

"Look at what happens with the fig tree: when its branches become tender and the leaves sprout, you know that summer is coming."


Xi’s vision included creating a vast network of railways, energy pipelines, highways, and streamlined border crossings, both westward—through the mountainous former Soviet republics—and southward, to Pakistan, India, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Such a network would expand the international use of Chinese currency, the renminbi, and “break the bottleneck in Asian connectivity,” according to Xi. (The Asian Development Bank estimated that the region faces a yearly infrastructure financing shortfall of nearly $800 billion.) In addition to physical infrastructure, China plans to build fifty special economic zones, modeled after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which China launched in 1980 during its economic reforms under leader Deng Xiaoping.

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