FTA in Asia. (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

FTAs in Asia are recent, but the region has been making up for it very fast over the past decade. Nowadays, there are 103 FTAs (some difficult to sort out) in effect involving one or more countries from the region (most FTAs of the world involve an Asian country), most of them bilateral, also there are 26 signed FTAs close to be in effect, 64 under negotiation,  and 60 more proposed. 

The consolidation includes strategies that would bring huge complexity, in part, due to the overlapping bilateral FTAs together into a broader regional arrangement (ASEAN, RCEP and TPP).

The multilateralisation, due to a consolidated Asian FTA is perceived as being isolating, so lure traditional trade partners outside the region (European and North American basically) in order to access the new market, of the newly formed bloc. 

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