China smartphone market (Sylodium, import export business)

Demand in China's smartphone market is expected to reach 422 million units in 2014, with 278 million units contributed by China-based vendors, according to the latest Digitimes Research Special Report "2014 China Smartphone Market and Industry - Forecast and Analysis."

The continued expansion by international vendors Samsung and Apple will push up their sales to almost 144 million units in the China market, growing nearly 4% from 2013.

Lenovo and Huawei are expected to reach 50 million units. Huawei has been engaged in overseas markets for a long time so its export portion outweighs Lenovo's. ZTE's and CoolPad's shipments are expected to reach 35.5 million units.

TCL has shown a significant growth in exports with shipments expected to exceed 26 million units in 2014, ranking No. 5 on the list. Second-tier vendors Gionee and Xiaomi are expected to ship 20 million units.


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