Should learn the EU from China? (Sylodium, the global platform)

If you want to do business between China – EU, for example, you’ll have to join Sylodium


EU should learn from China about investment in other regions

And EU should learn from USA about flexibility


1.- Everything is interwoven.

2.- But not everything is related with everthing.

3.- Conclusion, The world is not a monism neither an atomism.

In Sylodium, now, via our connecting countries and connecting cities (the reality of International Trade) you will take a great advantage in Internet,


In Sylodium, soon, the whole (and real) structure of international trade via relationships of actors, and a closed circuit in the way has to be closed, oblige you to join us if you want to do international business via Internet.

You can work with us

Contact us,

Via progressus,

Computer network goes before social networks that goes before theories of networking,


changing and improving the theories of networking,

via regressuss

Theories will change social networks, and finally social networks will change computer network (we will show you our theory of this).

Your work in China will benefit the working of our partner in Argentina and vice versa, you can ask to our partner of Spain, to close a business in Singapur being in Malaysia, etc.

We do not drag anyone, you are free to leave, sell your part to other to us, buy another and resell it, hire your management only in part, etc.

We have inspired in EU, not to do what EU do

When you have your structure as a tree as EU,

If the branch is separated from the tree, the branch (Greece) dies, and the tree (EU) suffers

So is the reason we are building our structure as a net of knots, and if somebody leaves a knot, another one will manage it.

The flexibility is the key

When people will pay their taxes or Social Security, with goods, or the work of others that are in debt with them, or expectatives of buying assets in the currency markets, nobody will strange of what we say.

Flexibility is the future, we bet for it

why some people hate flexibility?

If it is your case, we’ll never work together,

What is doing China with ASEAN?

investing strongly in the region,

that is what EU should do with Maghreb.

Currencies are the equivalent of company share prices, only for countries or regions.

In the same way as investors favor the stocks of well-run companies with healthy profit outlooks in expanding industries,

Markets invest in growing and estables countries

On that basis, the Eurozone is in trouble.

Not only for weakness of EURO, but also for the fat has got.

Work with us

We are totally opened to your proposals, your ideas to improve, opened to synergies, we will pay you for your ideas and / or your work and/ or your Exchange of goods and/ or your contacts, etc…

Total flexibility

Speculation, expectations are innates in men

Remembering Thales (546 BC), his neighbors laughed at him, when he fell down a well while he was looking at the sky,

He bought a land nobody wants due to it was infertile, but he bought it at a very low price,

Neighbors laughed at him again

but Thales, due to his observations, knew that the rain won’t stop in that land for many times becoming the most fertile of the región

Think about hedge fund

Techniques used financial investment is not permitted for traditional funds: short sale or short-selling (shorting: bet on future stock price declines)

using of financial derivatives (credit default swap (CDS) or insurance defaults; swaps or swap, futures contract, financial options ...)

Just an example of how the labour market should be in the sense of flexibility, not risk.

Our company hardly has fixed costs,

No risk,

Agility, flexibility,

Is normal that many people hate the euro.

the European Central Bank fears its own quantitative easing program

Germany's average borrowing cost is now less than zero!!!!!

Lending to Germany for a decade will earn you just 0.088 percent in yield,

better have the money under mattress, more comfortable

The U.S. pays 1.9 percent for its money.

Who would want to own euros invested in negative-yielding securities, rather than dollars which generate positive returns?


if we say that the future of international trade in internet is in our hands we don’t exaggerate

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

but also for our next step

The connections must include also the actors

Each relationship of actors, will be a page for business,

we offer you 2 ways of working with us

First, representing SYlodium in your area

Second, managing one of these appendixes will be introduced

  1. Tourism
  2. Sales on line
  3. Forum - Game
  4. Gambling
  5. What is international trade focused to the future

Contact us, we will explain you about your work and tell us how do you see the future of one of these appendixes

Regarding companies,

To do business between EU, USA, or China

In Sylodium,

You do not only have the opportunity with European business and American businesses or Chinese business

Shanghai (China) – Paris (France) business

You have Access to All countries related with all countries

Joining us and advertise for free to be seen 

Then you will already take a great advantage in Internet

Also, if you'd want to study new business opportunities our Barter experts could contact to you after your ads if you'd desire.

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