China, US: international trade (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

China and the United States (rivals and partners)  are trying more and more, to share interests rather than differences. Some of the currents issues are: currencies (dollar and yuan), Europe and the global economy, intellectual property, cyber-security and North Korea. 

both countries have the responsibility to promote global growth, USA should  solve its debt problems, stabilise the value of the dollar and honour trade treaty commitments,  and in the other hand,  China should  boost domestic demand to help in global rebalancing.

US companies face barriers to invest in around 100 Chinese sectors, while China has complained the United States blocks Chinese investments on unjust national security reasons.

 Any regional or bilateral FTA should be only a complement to the multilateral trade system, not a replacement for it. But meanwhile, each country plan its own complex strategy, depending the strength and strategy of the other players and depending of other many  factors.  By now, US efforts in Asia are sealing  its own TPP (without China), and China is negotiating with Japan (after the tensions about islands’  sovereignty ) and with South Korea.

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