Double Wire Fencing – Twin Wire Mesh Fencing for High Security

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New from MENGKE

Welded double wire fence, also called 2D security fence, twin wire panel fencing. It is quite popular in Europe countries, like German. Looked from far away, the wine wire panel is like the regular fencing panel. Nevertheless, unlike traditional welded wire fence as 358 security fence and euro fence, 2D security fence panel welded with two horizontal wires is particularly strong and firm.

Doubled wire fence could be normal type with huge holes or 358 fence with small holes. Two choices of the spacing between two doubled wire of common 2D security fence were offered: doubled every horizontal wire, doubled horizontal wire every three horizontal wires. Usually 868 & 656 are the most common types of welded twin wire panel fencing. 868 type welded wire fence means the panel has two 8 mm diameter horizontal wires and a 6 mm diameter vertical wire.

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