US-China: competitors and partners. (Sylodium, exporting in Internet)

1.- China and Colombia plan building 250 miles of railroad to link Colombia's Atlantic and Pacific coasts, a dry canal rival the Panama Canal.

2.- US aids African governments intruding on their sovereignty while China’s aims in Africa are focused more on infrastructure and direct business. 

3.- China’s labor costs and shipping and energy prices are increasing, the trend is shifting towards Mexico that is more competitive than China in many sectors for US. 

4.- Items such as washing machines, cars, computers and farm equipment can start as components in China that are assembled in Mexico and finishing in the US. 

5.- The boom in U.S. crude oil production could threaten China’s access to the half the crude oil they need to maintain its economic growth as US could retire its Army of the Persian Gulf.

6.- China denied that had passed the US in 2013 as the largest trading nation after 67 year of dominance of the US in global trade.


GDP: $ 15.700 trillion (1st)
NYSE: Market cap US$ 16.700 trillion (1st in the world)
NASDAQ: $ 5.500 trillion (2nd)


GDP: $12.405 billion (2nd) (excluding Hong Kong: $351,1 billion and Macau: $47,2 billion)
Hong Kong Exchanges: $ 2.700 trillion (5th)
Shanghai SE: $ 2.300 (6th)

7.- USA export to China about $ 70 trillion from its total $ 1.500 trillion
8.- China export to USA about $430 trillion from its total $ 1.900 trillion. 
9.- USA's imports exceed China’s imports in nearly 600 trillion.

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