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  1. China and Australia, signed free trade deal.
  2. China and Australia signed a free-trade deal on Monday that would give Australia's service industry unsurpassed access to the Chinese market.
  3. The deal between Australia and its largest trading partner will make 85 percent of goods exports tariff-free from the outset, raising to 93 percent four years later, the Australian government said.
  4. Australia will lift the threshold at which privately-owned Chinese companies can invest in non-sensitive areas without government scrutiny from 248 million Australian dollars ($218 million) to AU$1,078 million. Tariffs on Chinese manufactured goods would also be lifted.
  5. Australia had secured the best-ever market access provided to a foreign country by China on services," such as banks, universities and health care providers.
  6. Two-way trade grew from $86 million in the early years to $136 billion last year.


Population: 1.353.821.00 (1st)

GDP per cápita: $9.161 (91st) 


Population: 22.969.392 (52nd)

GDP per cápita: $42.354 (13th)

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