Could India replicate China's experience? (Sylodium International trade directory)

New Delhi-Beijing: In this century, both countries, China and India have been experiencing high rates of growth, they were often named as the new emerging economic super-powers‚ (Chindia) the two large countries of the world growing impressively. But people don’t repair in  the fundamental difference between the growth experience of the two countries. This difference is becoming more apparent now, because the impact of the world capitalist crisis reaches Asian countries; and it consists in the fact that India's economy could be more vulnerable to the crisis than China.

 Prabhat Patnaik thinks that there are important differences and India won’t be able to replicate the China’s experience:

 One difference is that China's export success has been based on manufacturing what suppose lots of employment direct and indirect, while India's export-success has been, related especially to IT services, what suppose less employment for the country.

 Another one is that China has systematically had a current account surplus on the balance of payments, while India more or less systematically has had a deficit. To maintain, or even expand, the inflow of capital, India will have to undertake massive measures (that could squeeze the people)  to entice global finance capital from financial speculators.

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