India, trying a free-trade deal with EU (By Sylodium, international trade directory)

India hopes for quick progress in talks on a free-trade deal between New Delhi and the European Union, according to Foreign Ministers. Germany's Guido Westerwelle said Europe is interested to comprehensively establish and strategically expand our ties with this new powerhouse, this important power, India. Salman Khurshid said India was seeking from German firms in particular "large investments... particularly in the manufacturing and the infrastructure sectors and also the renewable energies sector where Germany is already taking great strides in our country." Germany and India are to hold a bilateral meeting of most of their cabinets in Berlin in April. Sylodium (global import export directory) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities that you want, for example; New Delhi (India) - Berlin (Germany). Brussels (Belgium) - London (UK). Alexandria (Egypt) – Abu Dhabi (UAE) or any city around the World.

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