Toxic trade. (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

Scientific research tries to establish its monopoly on knowledge. In fact, the effect of stringent intellectual property protection in the pharmaceutical market is contentious.

The high cost of many medicines is largely due to the international patent system,. that is  benefiting developed countries, harming developing countries, and poor countries, for example, India has decided to reject  patent protection for Glivec ( 4,000 dollars a month in its branded form), a cancer drug from Novartis, and providing access to cheap generic drugs ( $ 73)  to protect public health and the rights of patients, like Doha Declaration suggests.

Developed countries argue that such protection is necessary to provide incentives for research. But really, the Drug Companies, spend far more money on advertising and marketing than on research, and foster new rules, or artificial necessities in population,  with many medicines that aren’t necessary, nearly, we could say that often,  in a certain sense, they invent or overstate some diseases, mainly, some mental diseases.

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