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  1. India-Singapore, trade and diplomatic relations.
  2. State Bank of India said it is playing an important role in the celebrations to mark the 50th year of India-Singapore diplomatic relations.
  3. SBI chief executive said "We are an integral part of the Singapore ecosystem and will continue to be involved in the run-up to the celebrations in 2015."
  4. Trade & commerce between Singapore and India have flourished since India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) was signed in 2005.
  5. India-Singapore bilateral trade has grown to USD 19.27 billion in fiscal year ended April 2014 with Indian exports at USD 12.51 billion.
  6. The Singapore - India trade would grow faster with India charts its new export trajectory," according to SBI chief executive.
  7. Highlighting India's plans to revive its Special Economic Zones and work out a new foreign trade policy for 2014-19.


Population: (2nd)

GDP per cápita: $3.650 (126th)


Population: 5.312.400 (116th) 

GDP per cápita: $61.046 (3th)

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