India and China (Sylodium, import export business)

  1. India and China, the imbalance is likely to keep increasing in short term due to structural problems.
  2. India's trade deficit with China is expanding, that's hard to resolve. The imbalance is mainly because India has limited exports to China.
  3. The manufactured goods have a competitive advantage in the Indian market," according to Liu Xiaoxue, a researcher on South Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  4. In 2012, bilateral trade dropped 10.1 per cent, and China's exports went down 5.7 per cent while its imports plunged 19.6 per cent, leaving a trade surplus of USD 28.87 billion, compared with USD 27.17 billion in 2011 and USD 20.08 billion in 2010, according to customs data.


Population: (2nd)

GDP per cápita: $3.650 (126th)


Population: 1.353.821.00 (1st) (Figures excluding Hong Kong: 7.061.200 and Macau: 568.700)

GDP per cápita: $9.161 (91st) (Figures excluding Hong Kong: $49.137 and Macau: $77.353) 

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