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Real Madrid in India (take a look to their projects)

But not all in life is Football,

Furthermore the football, obviously thee are many other businesses between India and Spain, 

From ICEX:

Trade balance TOT: 1.496.172,6 favour to India                                  

Spain Exports to India 1.129.696,84. Capital goods and industrial products, transactions involving nearly 90%

India Exports to Spain 2.625.869,44. textiles and leather, organic Chemistry in the TOP.

Spain and India established diplomatic relations in 1956. In 2006 it launched the Comprehensive Development Plan for India Market (PIDM), known as "India Plan" with the intention of opening a channel of bilateral investment.

In 2009, cooperation agreements were signed in renewable energy, tourism and agriculture.

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Spanish embassy Delhi

embassy of india in Spain 

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