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In 2015, India was Malaysia’s 10th biggest trading partner with bilateral trade

Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed has been to India and Sri Lanka in New Delhi on May 2 and in Colombo on May 5 in a continuous effort to promote Malaysia as a profit and regional centre for businesses and investments.

About private sector companies comprising mainly small-and-medium-sized enterprises seeking opportunities in both nations, which have long-standing business and cultural ties with Malaysia.

the companies are from the infrastructure, food and beverage, airways, information technology, manufacturing and services sectors.

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SAARC needs to unleash 'collective strength

Despite huge advances in education, healthcare and rural development, this region still has the world's largest number of people living below the poverty line.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said that

“the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries are doing well individually, in fact each country continue to face significant challenges in delivering food security, health, nutrition and education but the Group of SAARC has not been able to unleash their collective strength effectively.

underlined the need for a SAARC with greater connectivity, that is the first key, is that to say, the forward movement on pending agreements on rail and motor vehicles that the regional integration is lacking, and we know that Economic activities, cultural connections and people to people contacts flow naturally from connectivity

"The statistics : SAARC 2 per cent of world trade and 1.7 per cent of world FDI.

intra-regional trade is less than 6 per cent of all global SAARC trade and intra-regional FDI accounts 3 per cent of total FDI inflows,"



Malaysia exports to India was US$8.12 billion in 2015

imports amounted to US$3.90 billion

Malaysia exports mainly to India

palm oil and palm-based products (25.8 % of total exports),

electrical and electronic products (16.8 %),

crude petroleum (16.1 %),

chemical and chemical products (9.7 %)

manufactures of metal (9.5 per cent).

In terms of investment, Indian companies continue to play an important role in Malaysia’s business environment, with companies setting up manufacturing and services activities in the country.

A majority of Indian businesses are in the manufacturing sector such as paper, printing ; publishing, textiles & textile products, petroleum and petrochemical products and non-metallic mineral products, as well as ICT, education, and healthcare services.

In 2015, a total of 130 manufacturing projects with Indian interest were implemented with realised investments of RM4.45 billion and have created 15,064 jobs.

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exports at US$ 0,48 billion

imports, US$0,09 billion.

Major products exported to Sri Lanka

palm oil & palm-based products (18 %)

chemicals & chemical products (14.7%),

petroleum products (10.6 %),

electrical& electronic products (9.4 %)

machinery, appliances & parts (8.6 %).

A majority of Indian businesses are in the manufacturing sector such as paper, printing ; publishing, textiles & textile products, petroleum and petrochemical products and non-metallic mineral products, as well as ICT, education, and healthcare services.

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USA – Sri Lanka Trade

USTR’s most recent trade barrier report cited a number of problematic policies in Sri Lanka, including a de facto ban on sales of agricultural products derived from biotechnology, import substitution policies, high import tariffs and other taxes on a large number of goods, price controls, and import licenses on more than 400 items.

So U.S. Looks to Boost Trade making more use of U.S. tariff preference schemes with Sri Lanka.

on the 12th Joint U.S.-Sri Lanka Trade and Investment Framework (TIFA) Council Meeting held on April 28, 2016

The United States and Sri Lanka adopted a five-year joint action plan to boost trade and investment

the Action Plan will be formally launched later this year.

including, among other measures:  reforming Sri Lanka’s trade and investment regime to world class standards improving the competitiveness of Sri Lanka’s current exports developing new markets, towards Sri Lanka’s status as a regional services hub promoting greater interaction between the U.S. and Sri Lankan business communities greater utilization of U.S. tariff preference arrangements strengthening of worker rights and promotion of ethical and environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices reforming the educational sector to make it more responsive to the needs of business increased mobilization of all sectors of society, especially women, in business and trade. 

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Malaysia Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry commonly, referred as MAICCI,

The Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI),


The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka



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