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  1. US and India, hoping to boost trade ties.
  2. The United States hopes to give a huge boost to its trade ties with India.
  3. Trade has already grown fivefold since the year 2000 to almost $100 billion annually.
  4. The US hopes to “relaunch the relationship” and focus on such issues as “reinvigorating trade and investment” while also highlighting “energy cooperation, including civil nuclear energy.
  5. Bilateral trade relationship from 2000 to 2013, US-India two-way trade has grown from $19 billion in goods and services to about $97 billion, the potential is indeed vast.


Population: (2nd)

GDP per cápita: $3.650 (126th)


Population: 315.907.000 (3rd)

GDP per cápita: $49.922 (6th)

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