India and ASEAN. Will be the Next China? (By Sylodium, import export directory).

For 20 years, China has been the major recipient of FDI in the developing world (Today, the second-largest in the world of Foreign Direct Investment after the U.S.)

But increasing wages (by double digits every year over the last decade), and stopping fiscal stimulus provoke that India and Southeast Asian countries will tap the dispersion of FDI.

Further, China has also become more selective in FDI projects (Shift from Christmas Toys To iPhones, and less FDI in polluting industries).

In 2012, global FDI fell by 18 percent, however, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam grew in 2012,  Indonesia’s economy has enormous promise (one of the world’s youngest demographic profiles), 

India is playing Catch-up, although by now, companies have to invest in India without hoping a quick return, in big part, due to restrictive FDI policy and poor infrastructure.

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