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  1. India and China, towards stronger economic and trade ties.
  2. The year 2015 marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India, and China is ready to build closer development partnership with India.
  3. Chinese investors said to be ready to invest in India billions of dollars in investments
  4. Despite rapidly rising levels of trade, direct investment between the two neighbours has been negligible.
  5. Indian investments in Chinese companies have reached about $4 billion, while investments by Chinese firms in India amounted to just $1.1 billion


Population: 1.353.821.00 (1st)

GDP per cápita: $9.161 (91st)


Population: (2nd)

GDP per cápita: $3.650 (126th) 



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China and India


India will try to reach $100 bn exports to China by 2018.

But before China and India must pull down the trade barriers, as neighbours

Business people on both sides complain about barriers to financial progress

Industrial exports have to be increased and that will involve strengthening the manufacturing sector.

Part of the solution lies in India improving Chinese access to its markets and cutting the red tape that is hampering infrastructure projects and investment.

Chinese local authorities could help Indian firms with setting up manufacturing bases and making it easier for them to get visas for their staff.

the target of $100 billion exports to China by 2018 requires a annual growth rate in exporting of about 30%. 

India wants to decrease trade deficit with China, and is also taking steps to reduce this imbalance.

India is urging the manufacturing firms to look at value-added.  

Further, manufacturing cost in China is going up, what provides opportunities for other Asian countries to catch up with China and India


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China's export success has been based on manufacturing what suppose lots of employment direct and indirect, while India's export-success has been, related especially to IT services, what suppose less employment for the country.

In this century, China and India have been experiencing high rates of growth, they were often named as the new emerging economic super-powers‚ (Chindia) the two large countries of the world growing impressively.

India's economy could be more vulnerable to next crisis than China?

 China has systematically had a current account surplus on the balance of payments, while India more or less systematically has had a deficit.

To maintain, or even expand, the inflow of capital, India will have to undertake massive measures (that could squeeze the people)  to entice global finance capital from financial speculators.

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INDIA and China

from laggards to leaders globally (BRICS).

Both countries have become big economic powers (giants in population) before getting rich, with symmetric shocks in the global context, such as supply of manufactured goods, as the demand of primary goods, changing world relative prices.

China and India continue with their specialisation in textiles, but have developed towards new technology.

Foreign firms, through offshoring and outsourcing, have played a critical part

But now will be necessary changes to make long term growth sustainable. Both have to solve their overall oversupply of labour, and the shortage of highly-skilled personnel in some business.

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