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  1. Oman and India, Oman keen on boosting trade ties with India.
  2. Oman seek to bolster its strategic ties with India, Oman has invited Indian industries to establish more joint ventures in sectors like finance, insurance, engineering and telecom.
  3. Oman is a strategic and important partner to India in the Gulf region, the two countries are deep-rooted by geopolitical factors and socio cultural and historical values across the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean as well.
  4. Economy of Oman is being keenly diversified in other areas such as tourism, fisheries, investment and agriculture, it was the endeavour of the Omani government to further reinforce the economic and trade ties with India.


Population: (2nd)

GDP per cápita: $3.650 (126th)


Population: 2.773.479 (140th)

GDP per cápita: $26.519 (33th)

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Mumbai (India) — Muscat (Oman)

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