India boosts trade with south-east Asia (By Sylodium, international trade directory)

The arch that spans Asian Highway as it passes through the border town of Moreh proudly announces India's friendship with its neighbour. India promises that the road will deliver closer integration with south-east Asia's fast-growing economies. The idea supported by Washington, which hopes tighter ties between Asia's free-market democracies can help balance China's rise. And it is gaining traction in the faraway capital of New Delhi, where attention has traditionally been much more focused on the security of India's western border with Pakistan than trade via its eastern border with Burma. Trade with south-east Asia could be the lifeline Manipur needs. But in Moreh, there are no banks to provide letters of credit needed for foreign trade, no qualified customs clearing agents, no proper immigration facilities. Sylodium (global import export directory) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities that you want, for example; New Delhi (India) - Beijing (China) or any city around the World.

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