Neighbors in international trade (Sylodium)

1.- India in advanced talks for gas export to Pakistan via a pipeline running from Jalandhar to Lahore

This must be tap to Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline Project

2.- It is an evidence that in the same way the War happens, the business ocurre between neighbors.

The seas connect countries in direct (and not too long) routes as if they were neighbors. In a sense The TPP countries are also neighbors.

3.- Bilateral level or regional deals of countries works better than implementing a global solution.

if India wouldn’t veto the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, would things have changed too much?

4.- China pushes ‘border model’ in a booming Russian trade zone, new rail lines etc

China has to move to compensate as it is out of TPP and the others big international agreements.

Hong Kong and China agreed to allow international investors to trade Shanghai shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the opposite.

5.- the Hong Kong to Chinese Tapei international air route is the first in the world, second busiest is the route between Dublin and London, and behind Jakarta to Singapore


If you want to export from India to Pakistan or from Russia to China for example, use

India - Pakistan

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