Chinese tech 4.0 to Africa via Philosophy.

The # Philosophy is # Technology.

It is a pity that comfort and information technologies instead of sparking us with the facilities that they give us, infantilize us.

There are many people whose vanity is not satisfied with the current social networks.

Any idea about China – Africa, or about FIR, or philosophy of gamification? 

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Ideas about OBOR to Africa via gamification? 

OBOR Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade for 2030

China’s main source of international investment is the Belt and Road programme (One Belt, One Road – OBOR). Xi praised the “major opportunities presented by the Belt and Road initiative” and said his country was ready to include other countries in the scheme’s promotion. OBOR also plays a role in the security and peace initiative, with Xi announcing the launch of 50 security assistance programmes under OBOR, covering law and order, United Nations peacekeeping and the fights against piracy and terrorism.


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How complex are ties between China and Africa?

Maximising African agency

As Africa becomes more involved in global initiatives, and as it moves towards greater continental integration via AU reforms and the Continental Free Trade Agreement, the need increases to think harder and more creatively about what African agency means. It isn’t enough to simply reiterate the call for Africa to negotiate collectively with China – not least because this disregards the complex interactions between African governments.

Rather, it’s time for more comprehensive thinking about how African agency manifests across actors and geographic scales. Only once we have a firmer handle on this can we move towards maximising it.The Conversation

Yu-Shan Wu, Foreign policy researcher and doctoral candidate, University of the Witwatersrand; Chris Alden, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Cobus van Staden, Senior Researcher: China Africa, South African Institute of International Affairs 

Gamification 4.0?

The booming business opportunity for businesses online

A Foundation For The Future

The missing piece of the gamification puzzle is securing these new digital collectibles. However, recent developments have seen the emergence of newly specialized wallets such as and Trust Wallet. By crafting a secure and functional method -- essentially a safe digital display case for collectibles -- the blockchain now has the foundation to power the collecting and gamification elements that we often take for granted in the real world. And while scarcity can be simulated in the digital realm, the idea created by the blockchain and ERC 721, in particular, is that a rare item can truly be just that rather than a variable in an algorithm. 

REXIOLOGY about Technology and Philosophy.

#Asimov, without Internet or AI, spoke of a global awareness computer, or that Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Iinkedin, etc. and Bitcoin or Blockchain etc would converge in the same language,

or we could say that as if the machine language were equal to the SW language that is the same as the Operating System.

In the story of Asimov, when the creators asked their newly created supercomputer, does God exist? Lightning fell on her.

Anyway, the individual consciences of # Plato, # Hegel, # Husserl or # Heidegger or even # Wittgenstein, to put some (of not many) examples, were the global consciousness of their times, without Internet or computers.

The # Philosophy is # Technology.

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa 4.0?

FOCAC has delivered fruitful results. Since its establishment, FOCAC has always adhered to the principle of planning together, building together, sharing together, equality, pragmatism and efficiency, and promoting fruitful cooperation results. FOCAC is at the forefront of international cooperation with Africa, boosting South-South cooperation, and benefiting the peoples of both China and Africa. By the end of 2017, China has financed and built for Africa 6,200km of railways, 6,500km of roads, 20 seaports, 20 bridges, over 80 power plants, more than 200 schools, and 80-plus stadiums. As part of Chinese efforts to comprehensively support African countries in capacity building, every year, China offers over 10,000 government scholarships and over 50,000 training opportunities to countries across Africa. With the support from FOCAC, China-Africa production capacity cooperation is picking up speed, and a large number of flagship projects are emerging across the African continent, including railways, seaports, airports, industrial parks, and maritime industrial areas. Those projects have been extremely instrumental in accelerating African industrialisation.

Not trading via Gamification?

Gamification To Level Up Engagement?

Tokens or stars. Leaders can distribute these rewards for good work or for meeting goals. Some systems can allow tokens to be traded for something the employee values, like gift cards or flex-time. I have seen this work with something as simple as paper or digital tokens awarded to an employee who comes up with a clever way to merchandise a new product. The employee then redeems these tokens for an early finish to a shift of their choice.

Titles. This refers to a system where employees who achieve specific goals earn titles that progress towards perks in the office. An example would be awarding a “trailblazer” title to the employee who signs up the first demo for a new product, giving them the perk of leaving 15 minutes earlier etc.

build your own niche to lead it in the whole Internet.

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The UNO to build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) from China to Africa about ítems related with Industry 4.0 and their linked Laser, LED, and 3D techs.

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