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With apps that organise our money, our social lives, the music we listen to and the food we eat, it comes as no surprise that there are more and more apps to organise when we work coming onto the market. These apps have been designed to make life easier and more efficient for employers in various industries, particularly the retail sector where rostering is notoriously fraught.

We recommend that you consider these issues, and review existing industrial instruments and contracts of employment for their compatibility with these apps before implementing them at your workplace.

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Can Africa's internet users be protected from data exploitation by 'social networks they love'?

Soon they will love SYlodium, their oportunity to rotate its African country and not problems as FB does, as the data will be for everybody, In Kenya, a country of 44 million people with some 8.5 million using Facebook on a monthly basis, specialists say no specific data-protection laws exist. The government has said it is drafting a data protection bill.

More than half of Africa’s 54 countries have no data protection or privacy laws, according to London-based rights group Article 19. And, of the 14 countries that do, nine have no regulators to enforce them, the group says.

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0? There's an App for that! The rise of apps in employment relationships.

Technology: friend or foe?

The Best Apps For Finding Jobs

Now, via email and companies' websites are the primary ways to submit them. So it makes sense that job apps would be a way to look for jobs, and a way that's becoming more and more popular. When you're between jobs, have no fear — there are plenty of job apps to help you out.

All of them, are useful and usual, ZipRecruiter or LinkedIN for ex.

but if you want test something different, but useful too 

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This has all started to change with the emergence of apps such as "WorkJam", "When I Work", "Humanity", and "Deputy". These apps democratise the rostering process, allowing employees to "bid" for vacant shifts, change their hours, trade and cancel shifts and even work at different locations (where the employer is a multi-site business) all through a single platform. This simplifies roster management for employers while at the same time giving employees more say in when and where they work. Some major retailers have also developed their own business-specific apps with similar functions.

Looking to work from home? These 3 companies are hiring

MonetizeMore, is a website monetization business that offers different technologies to publishers to help them increase ad revenues.

Clevertech is an information technology and services company that offers a comprehensive range of services for successful product launches, including iOS and Android apps, web applications and e-commerce, 360-degree development team scaling, backend and cloud, Apple TV and virtual reality, and design and branding. 

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ASIA . America, Africa APPS 4.0

We should be thinking of win win in proportion, but stupid products and not mature people are increasing.

App from Japan Uses Apple's iPhone X to Transform Your Face & Voice into the Cutest Anime Character

Created by Tokyo-based ViRD Inc., the Puppemoji app allows you to transcend the confines of Apple's Animoji characters and record videos of yourself wearing virtual masks. 

Another one, maybe more stupid than previous one: China’s selfie culture: youth obsessed with the power of appearances

Meitu’s popular apps and a flippant attitude towards plastic surgery are changing what it means to be beautiful, but the result is not always pretty

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The apps are installed on more than a billion phones – mostly in China and Asia, but also increasingly in the West, where Meitu seeks to expand its presence. The company sells a range of smartphones, too, designed to take particularly flattering selfies: the front-facing selfie cameras have more powerful sensors and processors than those on regular phones, and beautifying apps start working their magic the moment a picture is taken

While The Chinese government is further tightening its grip on the internet by suspending a number of news apps that were said to be competing for users with 'vulgar' content.

The four news apps -- Jinri Toutiao, Ifeng News, NetEase News, and Tiantian Kuaibao -- were removed from several Android app stores at 3.00pm on Monday following requests from relevant regulators.

A useful APPS

Malaysian-founded Halal Navi and Singapore-based website Have Halal Will Travel both operate smartphone apps and digital guidebooks for the Muslim traveller. Both were created and are run by Muslims aged below 30 who had found it difficult to navigate the road and their faith at the same time.

African-American realtors create iPhone app to showcase luxury real estate in South Florida

Aventura, Fla. ( – As two of few African-Americans working in a very specialized real estate niche, the co-founders of Live Exclusively Miami are excited about the possibilities for both real estate clients and professionals that arise from combining technology and luxury real estate.

And much more interesting APPS

Hong Kong fintech firm 8 Securities is targeting the younger generation of Japanese investor with the development a new set of artificial intelligence-driven stock trading apps for mobile phones, seeing an opportunity in what it said was an under-served market.

2 Emergency Apps Every South African Woman Should Have On Her Phone

Namola recently partnered with ride-hailing app Taxify, launching an in-app safety button in an attempt to improve passenger and driver safety


Not only does it provide tracking assistance — tracking your movements and letting your contacts know if you're in danger – it also serves as a "one-stop-shop" solution for access to the closest and most appropriate emergency services in South Africa.


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In the whole ASIA, India becomes world’s fastest-growing market for apps  The two most popular applications in India by revenue were content streaming service Netflix and dating app Tinder. Chinese apps UCBrowser, SHAREit and Hypstar, now called Vigo Video, rank in the top ten, based on combined downloads, as do three apps from the Facebook stable – social network Facebook, messaging app WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Google is set to release its Android Google Go app in Africa, targeted at internet users dealing with issues such as low connectivity speeds, high data costs and smartphones with small memories, media reports stated.

The company first launched Google Go in India in December 2017. The app is the search giant’s latest attempt to expand into emerging markets including sub-Saharan Africa and takes up 5MB of storage, reduces the amount of data needed to display search results by 40 per cent and allows previous searches to be accessed offline.

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 What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

How blockchain could solve the internet privacy problema

Blockchain, with its encrypted and immutable record, will eventually be used create universal digital identities, filled with information that only we will control and that will link back to the issuing banks, governments or even employers.

his new world needs a new model for digital identity, one that enhances individual privacy and security across the physical and digital world," Ankur Patel, a principal product manager with Microsoft's Identity Division, wrote in a blog post. "Rather than grant broad consent to countless apps and services, and have their identity data spread across numerous providers, individuals need a secure encrypted digital hub where they can store their identity data and easily control access to it

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