Leading APPS 4.0 market from China to Africa?

Are you African looking for money online in APPS 4.0 with Asia?

The nature of inventions has changed over time with the rise of computers, the internet, information science and the digital economy. They have transitioned from being tangible devices to invisible cloud-based, digital services and apps on smartphones that engage all our senses. One positive consequence of this development is that many more people are now able to make novel and useful inventions, not just tech-literate engineers. 

Small businesses are using mobile apps for a host of management activities and they, most often, use apps for activities like scheduling, time management, customer communications, GPS, mapping, accounting and invoicing. Apps, such as Asana, Trello, Slack and Evernote will help you to achieve this.

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Africa mobile subscriptions and Internet penetration report released by Jumia in 2017 reveals that there are 960 million mobile subscriptions across Africa – an 80 per cent penetration rate among the continent’s population.

Internet penetration is at 18 per cent with 216 million Internet users. While Nigeria’s Internet penetration is much higher at 53 per cent, it’s mobile subscription is similar to Africa’s at 81 per cent penetration (150 million mobile subscriptions). These are where your customers are talking about your brand. You need to meet them there.

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Do you imagine all the new kind of online Jobs will emerge with European and Chinese and ASIAN companies about Reasonable Industry 4.0 and Reasonable LED via our AI, and APPS projects, Do you have any ideas about relationing African businees with coming Industry 4.0? 

China – Africa APPS 4.0

Beijing – North Africa Video APPS IoT , Tianjin – West Africa . 4.0 at LED 4.0, EU – Nigeria LED Ideas, Hong Kong – South Africa LED APPS, South CHina – East Africa . 4.0 LASER APPS

China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently announced subsidies to 56 artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics companies. This was in line with its goal to become an ‘innovation nation’ by 2020. 

Huawei P smart also features a unique One-touch Split-screen mode supporting the simultaneous running of two apps offering you even more possibilities of mobile operations 

Protectionism has meant Chinese payment services like Tenpay and Alipay having over 800 million users and a combined market share of nearly 90%. The microblogging site Sina Weibo has 500 million Chinese users — more than Twitter’s global user base. The story repeats itself in search (Baidu), local e-commerce (Alibaba, JD.com), local commutes (Didi Dache, Kaundi Dache) and travel and accommodation (Ctrip, Tujia). 

Huawei has also combined fingerprint recognition with other functions to develop ground-breaking apps such as fingerprint navigation, fingerprint shot and alarm clock deactivation with fingerprint, realizing a faster, more intelligent user experience from Huawei P smart. 

INDIA – Africa APPS 4.0?

Beijing – North Africa Video APPS IoT , India – West Africa . 4.0 at LED 4.0, Chennai – Nigeria LED Ideas, Mumbai – South Africa LED APPS, India – East Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 . APPS

Lava, the Indian smartphone manufacturer has launched its new smartphone in the Indian market — Lava Z50. The phone, which is a part of Google‘s Android Go program,

Coming to the camera department, the smartphone comes with a 5-megapixel rear camera with an LED flash and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera that too has an LED flash

The Aadhaar database can jumpstart a new wave of startups and services that rely on authentication. The challenge will be in launching Indian innovation into the outside world. WhatsApp’s integration with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in 2017 suggests that the world is indeed ready to welcome first-rate Indian products. 

lava also comes with a specialized, trimmed-down set of Google apps like Google Go, Maps Go, which don’t require a ton of resources to function. The Lava Z50 is powered by a 2,000mAh battery which should be enough to last whole day on a single charge. 

Russia – Africa 4.0 Russia - Europe 4.0 etc etc

Beijing – North Africa Video APPS IoT , Russia – West Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 at LED 4.0, Moscow – Nigeria LED Ideas, Moscow – South Africa LED APPS, Russia – East Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 APPS

Russia's record is cleaner than Britain's. We didn't invade Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. And in Syria we have helped the government to destroy ISIS (which makes no distinctions between Russian and Britons - we are all targets for them) and now work for a political solution. We don't tell other nations how to vote. We support UN peacekeeping effort around the globe and build successful alliances with most countries of the world: in Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Middle East, Latin America, Africa, much of Europe. We have excellent relations with China and India. This is not something you would call a rogue state, right? 

Japan – Africa Tech 4.0

Be the owner of this business crossing to import and export: for ex. Japan – West Africa . 4.0 Laser APPS. Tokyo – North Africa APPS 4.0. Kyoto – SA trading APPS 4.0

Countries with strong manufacturing know-how, including Japan and Germany, have an opportunity to regain their competitive technological edge as big data ushers in the "Industry 4.0," era, 

The Japanese government, for example, has included connected industries in its Society 5.0 strategy of using emerging technology to transform industries and society, while China has evolved its capabilities from producing low-cost goods to more advanced products, according to the report.

The prototype system will be available to test for free from November 27. In addition, April 2018 will see Japan launch a a ten-year, 30 billion yen ($267 million) quantum research initiative as it joins the race currently led by the US and China.

ASEAN – Africa Tech 4.0

Build your own startup to trade tech 4.0 from ASEAN countries to African: for ex. Indonesia – West Africa INVENTORS 4.0 APPS. Philippines – North Africa APPS 4.0 IDEAS. Thaliand – SA trading 4.0

Advanced Asian countries well positioned for Industry 4.0

Asean was born at a time of great change for South-east Asia, with decolonisation, rapid industrialisation and economic uncertainty. Today, at 50, Asean faces new economic alliances, a new "industrialisation" landscape known as Industry 4.0, and economic uncertainty.

Singapore, Japan and China are among the world’s top 25 countries well-poised to gain from advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies, such as the internet of thingsartificial intelligence, robotics and additive manufacturing, a study has found.

Thailand’s smart cities to herald in Thailand 4.0

Thailand’s aim to escalate this project to other cities is welcomed by all parties. DEPA is planning to develop these seven cities into real smart cities by 2023. If they manage to pull this off, Thailand could lead the way in developing the ASEAN Smart Cities Network

n the ASEAN region, for example, 60% of manufacturing activity is concentrated in just five sectors: food and beverage, chemicals and chemical products, electronics, motor vehicles, and rubber and plastic products.

The challenge facing Asean is clear - can this major manufacturing zone retain its competitive edge in the face of rapidly evolving technology and head-spinning change?

But a big concern is that workers in Asean will not be able to reap the full potential of these technologies due to a skills gap. While today's young are thoroughly at home with mobile phones, they lack the requisite technical skills for work that adds value, such as the development of smartphone apps. 

About Thailand 4.0, Khon Kaen is also developing a smart bus project to shuttle commuters into the city. The project brings together different technologies such as the Internet of Things, GPS tracking systems and apps to improve the customer experience.

Singapore’s strong manufacturing base has also drawn the likes of HP to set up a facility in the city-state to oversee global print supplies manufacturing and test the use of robots, data analytics and 3D printing to improve production efficiency.

Everybody is in FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ,what about matching IoT with IIoT via your own TECH APP between China and/or EU with your African country?

But not in stupid tech as Humans meet machines?

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Manufacturing gets personal in Industry 5.0

Most companies are still trying to get to grips with Industry 4.0 and already there is talk of Industry 5.0. What is the difference?

There are reports flying around at the moment saying the UK can get massive benefits from Industry 4.0 and it can, but we’re not at the beginning; we’re right in the middle of it. Industry 4.0 is the bringing together of robots, interconnected devices and fast networks of data within a factory environment, basically to make the factory more productive and to execute the routine tasks that are best done by robots and not best done by humans.

Industry 5.0 when you begin to allow customers to customise what they want

In Industry 5.0, what will be the new relationship between humans and machines?

Well, machines must think in general, not only in concrete matters, the only way we know until now is Logometry, a basic human language for the machine developed by and for Sylodium.

Global Barter platform

in Sylodium you can build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) between ASIA (China, Japan, India, ASEAN…) towards Africa and vice versa, exchanging ideas with products services spaces and money (our UNOS) inside our system, contact us here info@sylodium.com

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