Africans thinkers to Chinese APPS developers

African entrepeneurs to Chinese and Asian developers.

we know that smartphone adoption is starting to drive the digital revolution in Africa, leveraging the power of mobile and metro infrastructure networks and the influx of submarine cables to transform services in commerce, health, education, agriculture and energy.

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In Sylodium you can manage the global niches you choose (even create your own APP inside our System) and deal, buy, sell, barter with them: ideas (about niches) in Exchange of money (for the niche), or spaces (niches) with businesses percentages in the same or different niches etc

niches inside China – Africa 4.0 and Asia – Afric 4.0a as Guangdong – West Africa APPS games, India – Nigeria APPS 4.0, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable APPS, Shenzhen – East Africa Fir APPS, Japan - North Africa APPS trade.

Apps such as M-Farm connects buyers with farmers and enable farmers to sell goods at the correct market value in Kinshasa. M-Pesa, is transforming the entire trading and economic landscape of Kenya;

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FIR embraces APPS mobile 4.0, artificial intelligence, the (industrial) Internet of Things (IoT-IIoT), 3D printingblockchain software

India can’t copy China’s technology success without understanding its origins

And what about your African country?

The technologies behind all these industry victors are arguably the fruits of China's reform and opening-up. It's hard to imagine that these achievements could have been made if the nation had adopted a protectionist doctrine. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked India 30th in its global manufacturing index, 25 places behind China, but ahead of BRICS nations Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

How is your African country in comparision with rest of their neighbours?

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Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate your bilateral trade niches from China or Japan, India, ASEAN to Africa and from Africa to the whole Asia.

New fintech app lets you send money to email or phone number for free 

Three local developers have created an app that allows South Africans to send money to another email or phone number for free.

The Slide app has an interface similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and facilitates money sending from one person to another via a message on the app.

“We researched the market and reviewed payments apps that have worked in SA and those that have failed. Those fintech businesses that failed tried to enter the person to person payments market wanting to pass costs on to the sender and /or receiver, and in some cases restricted use to certain mobile or bank networks, which limits who you can send money to or receive from. This resulted in their lack of success. We used these learnings to develop an enhanced solution.”

Kathrada said.

Users can download the app on Google Play or iTunes and complete a quick sign up form which doesn’t require FICA documents.

Payments are facilitated using EFT secure technology direct from the sender’s bank account.

The recipient will be notified by SMS and email and then prompted to download the app. The money can be cashed out at any time to his or her bank account with one click. The money typically appears the next business day irrespective of bank. The sender will get a confirmation that the funds have been received.

“As Slide is a social payment mechanism, payments between contacts are as easy as sending a message. It really is the easiest way to pay another person, and as there’s nothing quite like it in South Africa, we expect rapid growth,”

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