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How one app is fighting food waste and hunger in Nigeria

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Now a software engineer living in Abuja, Oscar Ekponimo developed Chowberry — an innovative web app working to provide affordable nutrition to millions of Nigerians who are malnourished and suffering from hunger.

Chowberry uses cloud-based software to provide retail merchants with data on any soon-to-expire food in stock. This allows food nearing the end of its shelf life to be discounted, acquired, and distributed by charities, orphanages, and non-profit organizations rather than simply tossed out.

"It does two things primarily," Ekponimo, who was named one of Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders of 2017, said while speaking at Mashable's eighth-annual Social Good Summit on Sunday.

By democratizing these resources, Ekponimo explained how Chowberry is able to empower low-income earners and households that are underserved. With the app's deep discounts users can spend as low as $50.00 to feed 50 people.

Not only does the app have the potential to save lives, but it's also easy to use.  

Chowberry allows consumers to search by location or desired product. And once you've checked out, you'll simply receive a code to present in-store for pickup.

Users can search the site for discounted cereals, grains, beverages, and packaged and canned foods, and even sign up for notifications to easily track upcoming expiration dates.

About Social Good Summit

The intersection of technology and new media has redefined our understanding of human progress. In the midst of this rapidly changing world, the Social Good Summit focuses on where we’re headed. Held annually during the United Nations General Assembly week, the Summit unites a lively community of global citizens and progressive thought leaders around a common theme: #2030NOW. A dynamic exploration of the world we want to live in by 2030, the Social Good Summit will focus on how we can unlock technology’s potential to make the world a better place.

This year's summit is brought to you by Mashable, the United Nations Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, and the 92nd Street Y. For complete event details, visit socialgoodsummit.com.


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