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import – export from China, Japan, India, ASEAN, South Korea, HK to Africa

Where is China’s Silicon Valley?

Beijing has picked 17 tech hubs across the country to transform from a manufacturing-reliant economy to one led by tech and innovation

In the metropolis that sits in China’s developed eastern region, Hu has seen his Liulishuo app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the student’s learning idiosyncrasies and tailor the English-language teaching programme to his or her needs, grow into a profitable business with 600,000 paid users, four years after it was launched in 2013. 

Bilateral trade China – Africa, and Africa - China

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The global economy is undergoing profound change. 

The Asean+3 (China plus Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea) grouping is expected to grow around 5 per cent in 2017-8, buoyed by domestic consumption, despite some protectionist headwinds. This is almost double that of the advanced countries and emerging markets in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. 

What about managing ASEAN – Africa APPS 4.0?

For example, Go-Jek, a mobile phone app, has more than 250,000 drivers in Indonesia, helping to reduce traffic congestion, delivery times and convenience in traffic-clogged cities such as Jakarta.

The scope for productivity gains in India may be even greater for lower-price goods where India can exploit opportunities beyond the domestic market. India’s exports of pharmaceuticals and three-wheeler scooters to other lower-income economies, especially in Africa, is a case in point. 

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The Japanese equities market's strong showing in the new year owes partly to companies with ties to Europe, a region often overshadowed by the U.S. and China but now coming to the fore as it breaks out of its post-crisis doldrums.

DMG Mori rallied for a third straight trading day Tuesday to within 1 yen of its highest level since the start of 2017. Europe, the Middle East and Africa account for more than half of equipment orders at the Japanese machine tool builder, which integrated with a German partner in 2015.


China is turning to foreign robotics and smart factory technologies to enhance competitiveness as it seeks to close the gap in manufacturing prowess with Japan and Germany by 2035 under Premier Li Keqiang’s “Made in China” strategy 

For specialised six-axis robots, which provide greater flexibility and applications than earlier generations, overseas manufacturers account for 90 per cent of market share in China, 

 London-based FinTech firm Humaniq is marking the milestone of its app reaching its first 50,000 downloads by announcing a new, improved version.

Humaniq announced a Free Secure Chat & Crypto-Wallet App and a new referral program for its community of users

The bank of the future is not necessarily about apps, but about engaging people where they are spending time

The greatest ever invention was the internet, and the greatest story in Africa is USSD, where 80% of all content and money transactions take place. The second greatest story is WhatsApp data bundles. People are spending a lot more time and money on WhatsApp. For one dollar, people can buy a bundle and stay in touch for a day. They would rather spend money on WhatsApp than on food. “We’re looking at the changing the story in Africa, by partnering mobile and banking services.We are moving towards fintech 4.0 where the holy trinity of big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will play a key role. 

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Training students to build apps

A GROUP of tech-savvy professionals want to help Klang Valley students prepare for the rapid pace of digital technology advancement.

These volunteers are reaching out to schools and willing to work with teachers who need help in teaching their students.

We are looking at Klang Valley schools now. We have started a pilot programme to train teachers, and then students. We want to coach them in creating basic mobile apps.

Organised, competition-styled challenges will bring out their creativity.

With the advent of Industry Revolution 4.0, the challenge for Malaysian schools is to cope with disruptive innovations and prepare the next generation for the new world.

There is an urgent need for Malaysian educators to alter their approach and become players who actively support the growing needs of the industry.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in its App Inventor Monthly Gallery, listed Hakin’s app among the top of the month for October 2017.

Fast Chat allows users to create accounts, add friends and chat privately with each other. Nowadays, even 12-year-olds are beginning to create apps.

A good starting point for anyone who wants to learn about developing apps is through HelloPurr. The app features a message ‘Pet the Cat’, displayed at the bottom of an image of a cat.

“When you click on it, you will hear the cat purring through your mobile phone. An online tutorial on YouTube shows you how to create this programme in App Inventor2 (AI2),” said Fernandez, who is also an educator at ASTI, which is a non-governmental organisation which works with Malaysian and international schools.

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