Start your import export business APP at China - Africa

Start your APP at China – Africa or ASEAN– Africa or India - Africa.

Are you willing to start your own business APP between Asia and Africa?

In Sylodium you can choose niches as Shanghai – West Africa exim business APP, India – Nigeria trade APPs 4.0, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable APPS Projects, Indonesia – East Africa reasonable APP games, Spain - North Africa FIR APPS, etc to dominate them virtually to test real possibilites to start your own business and APP offering your services or ideas to APPs develepors.

Are you in APP business from China to Africa?

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose if you are a SMEs company exporting from Asia to Africa.

"You dominate your import-export niches: feel the power"


4 Apps for Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises

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Small and medium-scale enterprises (SME’s) make up an integral part of the economy in developing countries across Africa. These SME’s do not have the same capital as larger companies may have, this is why it is so important that they leverage innovative and cost effective technology solutions in order to ensure the business can grow.

With this need in mind, Jumia Travel, identified 4 apps for which SME’s could use to improve productivity.



With Google’s Drive app you can easily transfer and edit files between computers and even smartphones without the stress of always needing a flash or external memory to facilitate the transfer.


This app is designed for note taking, organising and archiving


This app is a communication and videoconferencing royalty.

4 PayPal

Considering that business will need a payment platform to receive payments, PayPal is a convenient payment platform that lets you link your bank accounts to your PayPal account, which helps make receiving and making payments as quick, painless and stress-less as possible.

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