Chinese – Africans trading APPS 4.0

African entrepreneurs towards Chinese and Asian APPS 4.0

You can build your own APP inside Sylodium’ system to make money in for example: China – Africa Artificial Intelligence (Heminemetcis) India – Africa Software 4.0 (Rexiology), ASEAN – Africa APPS 4.0 (Brinsemia) Japan – Africa IoT-IIoT (Logometry), South Korea – Africa FIR APPS. China – Africa tech trade (Sylodium) etc

About China – Africa, an interesting new is how China’s mobile payments providers — notably Alipay and WeChat Pay — have leveraged existing financial infrastructure. In Africa, successful models like M-Pesa in Kenya rely on telecom agent networks and infrastructure to reach and interact with customers. In this sense, they have built their solutions alongside traditional banking infrastructure. 

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About tech news and FIR news in Africa, Opera is increasingly scaling up its operations in Africa, and in December announced the opening of a new office in Kenya. It also launched web-enabled payment system OPay in Kenya.

Elsewhere, Nigerian fintech startup SureRemit has opened up an ICO to raise funds for a blockchain-based remittances platform, while Lagos saw the launch of a new disability-friendly digital hub and a fintech accelerator programme. The globally-based Startupbootcamp accelerator concluded its first African programme, with participants signing 32 corporate deals. 

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate your bilateral trade niches from China and rest of ASIA (Japan, China, ASEAN, India) to Africa.

Tapp the new coming global situation with the Asia Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) sponsored by India and Japan that is welcome as long as it does not try to trip China's Belt and Road initiative.

Both: Belt and Road and AAGC will change many things.


Want To Design Apps? Look No Further

A new programme championing those excluded from the big-budget world of app design could totally revolutionise the South African tech arena.

Aptly called The Winds of Change, the development programme will work with 15 students (both matriculants and non-matriculants aged between 18 and 23) and put them through training to learn to develop their own apps.

The developed apps will then be put on major app platforms such as Google Play and the iTunes store, where the public can buy into their app developments. Graduates who successfully complete the programme will then also be partnered with corporates operating in tech, where the students can use their skills.

The programme has been established by tech company Neutrinos, which just opened its Johannesburg office, to join their existing bases in Singapore and India.

Check out the platform online and see if you have what it takes to be South Africa's next Steve Jobs

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