Asian APPS Industry 4.0 to Africa

African SUVs people towards Asian investors.

Under an ambitious plan unveiled two years ago called Made in China 2025, Beijing has designs to dominate cutting-edge technologies like advanced microchips, artificial intelligence and electric cars, among many others, in a decade. And China is enlisting some of the world’s biggest technology players in its push.

China’s Technology Ambitions Could Upset the Global Trade Order?

Any idea or Project related with APPS industry in your African country related with China, Japan, Indonesia, or India?

We can get the money for you, you can make money together with us.

Choose Sylodium:You dominate your import-export niches: feel the power"

Your own business at Shanghai – West Africa APPS 4.0, Hong Kong – Nigeria APPS 4.0, ASEAN – South Africa APPS projects, India – East Africa Apps, Japan – North Africa LED APPS games, etc etc.

We need your talent and ideas, but reasonable ideas to “win win in proportion” 4.0 businesses and beneficial circuits businesses between India, ASEAN, Japan, China (All Asia) and Africa about any APP!!

All APPS can be represented basically in Sylodium.

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African dealers to Chinese businesses 

Africa must stop exporting so much raw cottons, crude oil, mineral resources, gold and diamond only to be importing finished goods from China, Europe and America.

But exist many ways to tap Chinafrica relations via Sylodium, right? 

What about Industry 4.0 and Laser and LED Industry between Asia (China, Japan, India, ASEAN) and Africa?

Are you African willing to change part of your business in your country?

Africa must export FIR to rest of the world.

" Your import-export business in Internet's guts"

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from China, Japan, India, ASEAN (all Asia) to Africa.


10 Awards Winners Announced In Cape Town

This year produced a vast array of great entries from exciting new technologies utilising AI, bots and drones to mobile, health and education initiatives scaling across Africa”

Best Social and Messaging Award – Flare

Enterprise Solution Award – What3Words

News and Entertainment Award – Bounce News

Educational Award- Snapplify

Fintech Award- Flutterwave

Social Impact Award – Vodacom e-School

Disruptive Innovation Award –What3Words

Best African App – Boomplay Music 

mCommerce –  Mazady

Changing Africa – Jumo

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