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Useful Mobile Apps in Africa

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Africa has proven itself to be the hub of mobile phone usage and growth, with studies by the Pew Research Center showing that while only one in ten individuals on the continent owned a mobile device in 2002, is has rapidly changed. Now more than two-thirds of people in five of Africa’s major mobile phone markets, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda, own a mobile phone and access the internet via their mobile phones. With a mobile phone growth rate of over 300 percent, Africa has skipped the landline development phase of communication altogether.

With much access to the internet and mobile technology, mobile apps are being downloaded daily. From a medical-based app that connects general healthcare workers directly to specialists, to one that aims to bridge the gap between farmers and businesses, here’s a look at some useful mobile apps in Africa.

Some examples:


South African App WumDrop is a services and delivery app that works similarly to the popular ride-sharing service Uber. Customers type in their pick-up address, sender name, and contact details and then repeat for the drop-off details. Additional instructions can also be entered to ensure a proper delivery.

The app is free via the Google Play Store, and is currently only available in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Agriculture is the largest economic sector in Africa, therefore it only makes sense for technology to bridge the gap between farmers and business. Esoko is a communication app for businesses, projects, NGOs and governments to connect with farmers.

Esoko currently operates in Ghana, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Benin, Madagascar and Mozambique.

Access to Esoko’s apps and services are only available after an initial sign up and registration on the website.

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