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Two players enter with their same APP of their intentionality system.

Intentionality is a more complex structure that contains the structure of intention.

Intentionality is a cubic system, in which intentions overlap, or converge, or diverge, or exchange their hierarchy, etc. while somebody is acting.

Everything is registered, schematically, in Rexiology.

According to the players, if they wish, apart from the verbal discourse in search about that agreement towards one or several metaphorical viruses that convince and compel (by adjustment and acclamation) some bilateral business or institution, that, apart of their speech, we say that if they have decided to open their spher of intentionality to the other, when there is some coincidence between them, they will jump on their screen, being able to enter it or not in this new level, the level of real intentions, as the conversation develops, and as their system of intentionality changes with the acts.


XIAN – Southern Africa VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE , NINGBO – West Africa FIR, Qingdao – Nigeria FIR , China South – South Africa Export FIR, China – West Africa VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE. 

The intention at the height of the strategy, differs from the intention at the height of the tactic, which differs from the intentions at the height of acts, and much more, but with three levels we give account of part of the most basic structure, where the intention, It is never one, but several, and as we said above, they exchange positions of power in 3D positions. 

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New opportunities

Not really. A new Korn Ferry research report published recently on the Global Talent crunch forecasts global labor shortage of 85.2 million skilled workers by 2030. Such research estimates challenge the hypothesis that Industry 4.0 would mean just all job losses. Instead, these insights underline the fact that new future would need skills and if corporates do not invest in skills development and reskill their employees, it would become the beginning of the end for those organizations. 

Small businesses will be critical to South Africa in the 4th industrial revolution, while access to information will revolutionise education.

These are some of the highlights from panel discussion debating: “Is South Africa Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?” Panel speakers included Siemens Southern and Eastern Africa CEO Sabine Dall’Omo, CSIR research and development strategy manager Dr Daniel Visser, and SAA CEO Vuyani Jarana.

Yes, the robots are rising but they will never replace humans.

But the humans should aproach to robots in a good sense.

Why Apex Launcher 4.0 is a complete mess?

Once a very popular Android launcher, Apex Launch has just become an example of how not to do things for the developers of such apps. The latest update reduced the number of settings available, and some of those that have not been eliminated have been completely changed. All in all, Apex Launch is now one of those launchers that any user should avoid.

But Why Apex Launcher 4.0 is a complete mess?

As they are always working in the surface, never in the deepness of human behavior.

Rexiology APP about for ex. China – Africa APPS. Would yo dare to complete the essence, principles, etc.?

Axis X – Our Ontology

x1 Essence: x2 Subjects x3 FACTS.  x4 Phenomena x5 New Class 

Axis Z. Our Potentiality

z1 Ideas. z2 Categories. z3 Entities z4 Here and now. z5 History

Axis Y. Our Reality

y1 Nature . y2 Principles. y3 Rules. y4 Structure.  y5 The Power,  The truth. The Tech. 

China – US - Africa FIR.

China’s Strategy in Djibouti: Mixing Commercial and Military Interests

As in many other places in Africa, China’s economic footprint in Djibouti is outsized and unmatched. But unlike in other cases, China does not seek raw materials from Djibouti. Instead, the prize is the country’s strategic location on the eastern edge of the African continent and the western shore of the Indian Ocean. The number and scale of Chinese infrastructure projects in Djibouti have increased substantially since the government first announced its intention to construct a military facility there in 2015. All of them are accounted for by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

How US-China rivalry over technology is a front for a geopolitical quest for supremacy

It is probably a war over trade. But it is also a battle over technology. As the US and China veer towards a full-blown trade war, US President Donald Trump singled outBeijing’s “Made in China 2025” plan as a major threat to US economic interests that violates global trade rules.

Africa: Industry 4.0 Not an American Strategy, Africa to Step Up As Technology Evolves

"People need basic computer skills in this revolution. Africa must not lose out. By moving forward, there will be certain jobs that will be lost forever, but new ones created too. One thing robots cannot be is human."Dr Visser emphasized.

The panel discussion was deduced from "Is South Africa Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?" topic.


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SA should prepare to lead Africa in Industry 4.0

South Africa has great potential to lead Africa in the fourth industrial revolution; however, corporate, government and educational institutions need to collaborate to adequately upskill the nation for the digital economy.

This was the word from ICT experts, speaking during a panel discussion, hosted by Siemens in collaboration with CNBC.

The discussion, facilitated by broadcast journalist Gugulethu Mfuphi, was themed: "Is South Africa ready for the fourth industrial revolution?" 

Trade Ideas related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

Industry 4.0: How can the IT industry be future ready?

Just two years back, Automation hogged the global limelight when it became a part of 46th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016. We had a gathering of leaders from across the globe, international media, global enterprises, academia and social citizens et al talking about it under the aegis of - “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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In Sylodium, the VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE and Global trade are linked here in Sylodium via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in a global sense.

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