African APPS 4.0 towards China.

Strong African people 4.0 catching Chinese and Asian investment.

Examples of great and reasonable ideas in Africa.

The iCow APP

To harness the power of mobile phones to encourage best practice for dairy farmers and increase milk production.

Portable irrigation technology helping sub-Saharan smallholder farmers grow crops out of season

Some ideas about APPS 4.0 for your African country?

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Example of incredible charity ones, but Sylodium is not in charity: diy aid supplies, to make africa self-sufficient in emergency relief suppliesor refugees united.

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African entrepeneurs 4.0 to China ASEAN, India, Japan… 

What about Mobile learning in Africa?

Mobile device ownership in Africa has increased rapidly in recent years. 

In many African countries, landline ownership is minimal and learners do not have access to broadband internet. Mobile communication in Africa enables teachers, parents and learners to share knowledge and develop stronger educational framework.

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New from

Agricultural production in Africa continues to increase gradually and is almost at par with South America. However, as Africans become more tech savvy, innovations are on the rise as technology experts turn their attention to creating mobile solutions for the modern farmer.

Analysts have shown that by 2025 half of Africa’s population will have internet access with about 360 million smartphones on the continent

(We show you 4 of the 10)


With over 7,000 registered users, M-Farm updates farmers on current prices of goods across the country. It provides a networking platform to connect to other farmers in order to sell their goods in larger quantities.

EZ Farms

According to Dr. Kala Fleming, EZ farms app is aimed at aiding entrepreneurs who are investing in small scale farming and those who live in urban areas, far away from where their farms are located. the EZ farms app delivers up-to-the-minute insight about current and predicted soil moisture levels to farmers and water providers on smart phones.


Agro-Hub was developed by a Cameroonian business venture of the same name whose main goal is to make ‘Cameroon’s agricultural market work’.

Kuza Doctor

This app enables farmers to receive specific information on crop growth, soil and other general questions through SMS.

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