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Some new tech are stupid other are reasonable and other useful.

But most of them are stupid, reasonable, and useful depending the way we give them.

Aadhaar is an identity system that is as large and diverse as India itself. It’s so vast in scope and ambition that, inevitably, there have been cracks that people have fallen through.

For example, If you’re a migrant trying to earn a living selling goods on the roadside, you’re asked to prove who you are before you can set up shop.

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Aadhaar could have an impact in other countries, what about your African country? The Aadhaar experiment is being studied by governments in other countries, eager to see if this system solves many of their own service provision problems. The World Bank estimates that one in seven people globally can’t prove their identity, most of whom are in Africa and Asia and are under the age of 18.

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LED Billboard Lights Market: Emerging Trends, Highlights and Challenges

LED Billboard Lights Market report 2023 focuses on the major Types and Applications for the key players.  

Regions of LED Billboard Lights market:

  • North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, etc.)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, etc)
  • Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, etc.)

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China’s push to become a tech superpower triggers alarms abroad

Tim Byrnes is an unlikely symbol of China’s bid to become the world’s high-tech superpower. For a start he is Australian. Yet the 39-year-old quantum physicist’s decision to swap a research post in New York for Shanghai goes some way to explaining the lengths to which Beijing is going in its efforts to upend the world order. “Quantum physics is very strong in China,” says Mr Byrnes. “The top groups are as good as anywhere in the world . . . and doing some amazing things.”

Triangular trade China –USA – EU: Chinese LED Makers Interested in Buying GE’s Remaining Lighting Units

General Electric (GE) announced it planned to downsize its company, narrowing focus on three sectors, and intended to cut off its lighting business.

MLS Co., together with IDG Capital and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center, bought LED-VANCE from Osram in the prior year.

GE came to an agreement to sell its Hungary-based European, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) operations and its Global Automotive Lighting businesses to Hungarian lighting brand Tungsram, currently controlled by former GE executive Joerg Bauer.

INDIA – Africa 4.0

You can build your own niche inside Sylodium’s system India - Africa reasonable techs 4.0

While, on day two, Sanjay Kumar, Chief Engineer – Signalling & Telecommunications, Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation, will take part in a panel discussion titled Asset management 4.0: to outthink, outcompete and outperform. He along with other experts from UAE, Singapore and South Africa will deliberate upon how to implement a robust rail asset management strategy in the age of digitalisation

Industry experts from Europe, Middle East and Asia will share insights on privatisation, digitalization, modernisation and pioneering the future of Mobility 4.0. throughout two days of keynotes, open discussions and research sharing sessions. 

Hong Kong – Africa 4.0

You can build your own niche inside Sylodium’s system Hong Kong - Africa LED lighting 4.0.

Talking about LED and HK what do you think about if Is this concern is reasonable or not: Heavy on light? Hong Kong LED screen size of five tennis courts sparks community concern?

Concerns on worsening light pollution have been raised after a new LED screen in the size of five tennis courts in the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping district Causeway Bay already notorious for being very bright at night.

Tam said he would like to see restrictions on the intensity and angle of light emitted from LED boards, the time the board can operate, and the size.


Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan claimed that very large LED boards also increased the temperature of the surrounding area.

Puf, who knows? do you think so? 

Germany – Africa Tech 4.0

Be the owner of this business crossing to import and export: for ex. Germany – East Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 LED APPS. Berlin – North Africa LED APPS 4.0. Munich – Tanzania trading LED 4.0

Rittal launches LED light for racks and cabinets

German infrastructure giant Rittal has launched a range of LED lights designed specifically for network and server enclosures.

The light is the smallest of the company’s industrial LED fixtures. It outputs 600 lumens, as much as a 40W incandescent bulb, meeting the standard requirement for data center racks.

Rittal’s compact LED system features magnetic attachments and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Japan – Africa Tech 4.0

Be the owner of this business crossing to import and export: for ex. Japan – West Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 LED APPS. Tokyo – North Africa LED APPS 4.0. Kyoto – SA trading LED 4.0

Japanese gov't and NTT announce Quantum Neural Network

NTT, Japan’s National Institute of Informatics and the University of Tokyo are developing a quantum computing device that exploits the properties of light, known as the ‘Quantum Neural Network.’

The system is not a universal quantum computer, like those being developed at Google and IBM, but instead seeks to solve combinatorial optimization problems at a rate hundreds of times faster than classical computers. 

The prototype system will be available to test for free from November 27. In addition, April 2018 will see Japan launch a a ten-year, 30 billion yen ($267 million) quantum research initiative as it joins the race currently led by the US and China.

ASEAN – Africa Tech 4.0

Build your own startup to trade tech 4.0 from ASEAN countries to African: for ex. Indonesia – West Africa VISIONARIES 4.0 LED APPS. Philippines – North Africa LED APPS 4.0. Thaliand – SA trading LED 4.0

Honeywell to expand ASEAN presence with new HQ in Malaysia

Malaysia and the broader ASEAN region is a very important market for Honeywell. As we evolve into a software-industrial multinational-company, with a local mindset focused on Industry 4.0 connected technologies across our vast portfolio, we will continue to place greater emphasis on resources and investment here and across ASEAN. 

Everybody is in FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ,what about matching IoT with IIoT via your own TECH APP between China and/or EU with your African country?

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Time for India to adopt smart manufacturing, say industry experts

It was all about the connected shopfloor of the future, of Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) and new-generation technologies like 3D printing. Industry 4.0 dynamically changes the rules of the game for manufacturing. Connecting real machines with information technologies and IoT increases productivity substantially. Companies that employ new technologies for Industry 4.0 are a lot more competitive because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with a lot more flexibility. Organisations that are prepared to implement industry 4.0 now will actively shape and lead the change in manufacturing.

An Automotive Seat Maker’s Drive to Industry 4.0

Pushed to develop an Industry 4.0 program by some big names in car manufacturing, Adient decided to start with one of its best performing plants—to really prove what the technology could do.

After trying out Industry 4.0 at an assembly plant, Adient wanted to move on to a different type of environment. So it moved the initiative next to a chemical processing plant in Strasbourg, France, where it has seen further success. From here, the seat maker plans to scale the initiative across more of its plants.

With 230 assembly and manufacturing plants around the world, the biggest push for pursuing Industry 4.0 actually came from the customers themselves. Companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Renault were asking Adient what they were doing in Industry 4.0. This pushed the initiative straight to the top, with the C-level executives looking at how to accelerate the process.

Moulton firmly believes that Industry 4.0 should be a CEO topic

Global Barter platform

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