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Africa: Women Play Key Role in Solar Energy Projects 

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Abu Dhabi — Since weather affects everyone, the idea that women are more susceptible to the effects of climate change may strike some as puzzling.

However, according to a United Nations report, State of the World Population, women--particularly those in poor countries--will be affected differently than men as are more likely to be economically dependent than men.

The NGO has supported adapting solar systems to replace the more costly previously used diesel generators that also suffered from chronic electricity shortages in several primarily women-run cooperates that are now diversifying the production of the likes of argon, almond, and eggs in the country.

"The benefits of solar energy meant they increased their business's productivity, allowing them to think about expanding further and setting up new food production outlets," said Fayad.

Greenpeace is also currently running solar cooking training sessions that showcase the potential of solar energy as an alternative to coal, wood, and butane gas to women in rural Morocco (Africa).

"The women who are the voice of this campaign ask for the Moroccan (African) government to act on the legislative and institutional framework that would then enable the spread of renewable energy on decentralized level," adds Fayad.

Earlier this year, the NGO also collaborated with Deir Kanoun Ras el Ain, a 23 women strong cooperative in South Lebanon that produces artisan food to launch a crowdfunding project to install solar power to heat water and power machines.

Coupled with energy efficiency measures including LED lights, thermal insulation and a solar water heating system, the annual electricity bill could be cut by two thirds and reliance on their diesel generator reduced to a minimum.

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