Are not Chinese – Africans relations the key of new global trade?

China – Africa relations, the key, to change to a new global trade.

These are the people who are poised to create a future where humans and AI can work together for the good of society. In fact, the most recent WEF Global Shapers survey found that almost 80 percent of youth believe technology like ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is creating jobs rather than destroying them

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China – Africa Virtual Intelligence.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Brought A New Armored Limousine With Him To Africa 

Beyond that, there are few publicly available details about the car or its features. When information about the N501 first began to emerge in 2016, the suggestion was that it might be a new addition to Hongqi’s commercial product line.

As of May 2018, however, Hongqi had still not officially launched the N501 and it was nowhere to be found in the company’s catalogs. Car watchers in China, however, spotted one of them on the road carrying military plates, which suggested it was a model specifically for the country’s government.

Meet the three African businesses to make the 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers’ list

Of the 61 early-stage companies recognised for their design, development and deployment of potentially world-changing innovations and technologies, a majority (52%) come from outside the United States, including many from emerging markets, and a quarter (25%) is female-led.

“Innovation comes from all corners of the earth and from a very diverse group of entrepreneurs, and with this selection we recognize that,” said Cheryl Martin, Head of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Member of the Managing Board at the World Economic Forum. “The next step is to help these Pioneers bring their solutions to complex world-critical problems to global markets and to take action for the public good.”

The Technology Pioneers 2018 address many societal challenges, a hopeful sign that technology will be a force for good in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Apeel Sciences (USA), for example, develops plant-derived technologies to reduce food waste; Pymetrics (USA) matches talents to opportunity using neuroscience games and artificial intelligence (AI); and Horizon State (Australia) enables efficient and secure vote casting.


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the World Map of the Society not emerge painting USA with the Word Arrogance or Africa with the Word Power, but much more painting each one to its own conscience, be it African or American, painting its own conscience, we get more clues.

It turns out that by eliminating the TPP the most benefited: Mexico, China, Central America and the Caribbean are those that Trump wanted to hold in worst state, ironies of the Market Games...

Oh! if Trump had agreed in Paris against climate change, we would have achieved so many things thanks to the efforts of China India ASEAN or the EU, right?

Political hypocrisy, but not here.

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Trade Business related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

BRICS must collaborate to shape Industry 4.0 tech, says Ramaphosa. 

This was the sentiment shared by president Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking at the 10th BRICS Summit held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

The last three days have seen leaders of the five major emerging economies, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), gather to unpack issues around the global political economy, collaboration for inclusive growth and shared prosperity in the fourth industrial revolution, among other things.

The theme for this year's meeting is "BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution".

Ramaphosa yesterday told heads of state and government that quantum leaps in technology and innovation present enormous opportunities for growth, development and human progress.

This surge in innovation has the potential to dramatically improve productivity and place entire countries on a new trajectory of prosperity, he continued.

How Africa Can Embrace an AI-enabled Future

Combining STEM with the arts

Young people have a leg up on those already in the working world because they can easily develop the necessary skills for these new roles. It’s therefore essential that our education system constantly evolves to equip youth with the right skills and way of thinking to be successful in jobs that may not even exist yet.

As the division of tasks between man and machine changes, we must re-evaluate the type of knowledge and skills imparted to future generations.

For example, technical skills will be required to design and implement AI systems, but interpersonal skills, creativity and emotional intelligence will also become crucial in giving humans an advantage over machines.


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