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A patient in South Africa recently received a 3D printed prosthetic leg as a result of a collaboration and workshop between The Arc. Rehabilitation Centre in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, and the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Science Park Design Department in Gauteng, South Africa. 

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While so many industries today have instilled 3D printing in their manufacturing processes due to the ability to make lightweight components and do so quickly, in the medical field, prosthetics are often made via 3D printing due to the exponential savings on the bottom line, along with an extremely fast turnaround time—not to mention the opportunity to sometimes create objects or devices that would not have been possible previously. We have followed countless instances where 3D printed prosthetics have made a huge difference in the quality of life for a patient who has lost a limb.

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The winners of the Solvay AM Cup (you can soon participate in Rotate your Country and Care your APP in Sylodium) have been announced. 33 student teams battled it out in the competition which tested the limits of 3D printing in one of the industry's toughest materials, PEEK. 

The competition launched in November last year and the final round saw the teams whittled down to just 11 finalists who were each tasked with printing four tensile bars and the Solvay logo in KetaSpire PEEK AM filament. 

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triangular trade, China – Africa – Latam-

Belt and Road Initiative offers chance to forge China-LatAm 'community'

This trade route was an extension of China's ancient Maritime Silk Route, and formed a key part of the glorious history of trade between China and the rest of the world.

Nowadays, China and Latin America are once again connected, this time by the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, part of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China in 2013 with the aim of building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient trade routes.

The new maritime route extends to Latin America and the Caribbean, a region looking for stronger infrastructure and greater inclusion in global value chains.

China – Saudi Arabia 3D Archeology involving businesses.

Five Chinese archeologists joined an excavation of ancient seaside ruins in Saudi Arabia, marking the first cooperation between China and the Arab country in the field of archeology

According to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, six Saudi archaeologists will work alongside the Chinese experts to explore the Saudi port ruins on the Red Sea.

With the support of the governments of both countries, the team will make use of high-tech equipment such as mapping, aerial drones and digital surveys, as well as 3D modeling during the project.

Africa – China 3D movies and more

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is this relevant?

DSM’s researchers compared facial skin hydration in four ethnic groups in the highly polluted city of Pretoria in South Africa. 3D facial color mapping technology revealed that poor hydration in the nasobial fold area was a problem common to all skin types regardless of ethnicity. Last year our researchers used facial color mapping again to study dry skin and hydration in Chinese women living in the megacity of Beijing where there are particular concerns about air quality.

We don’t think so, in fact, we think not only is irrelevant, but that this is stupid use of Tech.

Costume designer Ruth Carter has made her career putting images of African-American history and contemporary culture on screen, from Spike Lee's canon to Selma and the recent remake of Roots. For the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, currently topping the Australian Box Office, she got to envision a futuristic African alternate reality, made up of diverse tribes untouched by colonisers.

we found a traditional Zulu married woman's hat complete with the ochre that makes it red, and like a hairy, furry, texture on it. It was giant ... " The hat was the model for Bassett's crown, which was 3D-printed. A rounded shoulder mantle, with African lace, was also 3D printed. It took six months, Carter says, to perfect the design

Some Chinese saying is a torture for the eyes”: Chinese moviegoers think Black Panther is just too black?

Black Panther In China: A Red Carpet Opening Night Near Tiananmen Square, Walking into the Tiananmen Poly International Theater felt like slipping through some protective barrier and entering Little Wakanda in Beijing.

Well, Someone else said the experience was worse in 3D (link in Chinese): “The film is filled with black actors and actresses. Also, because the film’s colors are a bit dark, it’s nearly a torture for the eyes to watch the film’s 3D version in the theater. 

ok but Marvel’s first black superhero film Black Panther made a strong debut in China, taking in more than $63 million this weekend and helping it cross the billion-dollar mark globally.

EU -Latam 4.0

EU-LatAm trade deal good for agribusiness; bad for Amazon, climate – analysis

he EU-Mercosur trade deal, being concluded this month by the European Union and the South American trade bloc (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) is being negotiated in secret. However, part of the document has been leaked to Greenpeace, alarming environmentalists?

Really? are you agree?

Mercosur countries want to boost meat exports to Europe, which would push cattle farming into pristine habitats in the Amazon and the Cerrado regions in Brazil, and the Chaco in Argentina,” said Greenpeace trade campaigner Kees Kodde. 

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Russia – Africa - latam - Europe 4.0 etc etc

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Mexico – Africa Tech 4.0

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ASEAN – Africa Tech 4.0

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Advanced Latinamerican countries well positioned for Industry 4.0

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Do you believe this? What is your opinion?

"Our research shows that this is overly optimistic. Currently the cost of operating robots in furniture manufacturing is still higher than labour, but this will not be the case within 15 years", Dirk Willem te Velde, director of the Supporting Economic Transformation programme at ODI, said in a statement.

ODI's report, Digitalisation and the Future of Manufacturing in Africa, found that in furniture manufacturing, the cost of operating robots and 3D printers in the US will be cheaper than Kenyan wages by 2034 

After ICE 2018, BtoBet is ready for its “Technifying iGaming Tour 2018” in Italy, Eastern-Europe, Latam, Africa, USA

The multinational iGaming and Sports betting technology provider BtoBet has just successfully concluded the first stop of its “Technifying iGaming Tour 2018” in London. The next European stopover will be in Italy, ENADA Primavera, followed by other strategic sessions in Moscow, Colombia, Uganda, Cyprus, Vienna, Peru, Amsterdam, Nigeria, Hungary and the USA.

The live 3D humanoid image, that left all visitors astonished at the stand in London, will accompany the Tour in all its stopovers and will highlight how the company’s technology perfectly combines computer science and human ability to ensure clients enjoy a significant brand impact on their target markets, with profitable results.

About BtoBet. BtoBet is a multinational company and is part of a group with 20 years of experience in software development in IT, finance, telecommunication, e-commerce and banking, strongly committed to technology and widely investing in technology research and development. The experience gained in these advanced environments, allows BtoBet to be visionary in the iGaming and Sports betting industry with a deep understanding of the requirements of the market, catching changing trends and anticipating bookmakers’ and operators’ needs.


Well, good, but if we want the machines to think in general, not only in concrete matters, the only way we know until now is Logometry, a basic human language for the machine developed by and for Sylodium.

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