Chinese AI developers to African business

African visionaries for Chinese companies

Are you an expert or visionary in Artificial Intelligence?

Is China ready to strive with USA in AI?

What about your African country to deal with, China or USA?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is neither friend nor foe – It’s both?

We are living in the age of big data, as increasingly more enterprises invest in AI and machine learning — a branch of AI which is in its simplest definition is a form of data analysis — startups are taking notice and disrupting whole industries by employing that tech.

tap the opportunity, this one and the Belt and Road to leiusure Chinese companies and investors to your African country.

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niches as California – West Africa AI APPS, Beijing – Nigeria Shipping buinsess AI, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable AI, New York – East Africa Artificial Intelligence, Florida - North Africa Big Data, etc to dominate them virtually.

African importers - Chinese manufacturers.

Our logical business system, allows you to segment your target markets to be seen, and dominate the bilateral trade niches you choose from China and USA to Africa.

Currently we are in AI, better said, Virtual Intelligence, to awake some minds.

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A primer on the South African artificial intelligence ecosystem

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Artificial intelligence — intelligent computer systems capable of learning from data — was one of the main trends in tech innovation this year. The tech is increasingly becoming ubiquitous across all industries from the automotive industry, fintech, social media, ecommerce to even entertainment.

SA startups using AI 

Isazi ConsultingSpecialises in machine learning and optimisation. The machine-learning hub using creative thinking, maths and artificial intelligence to solve some of South Africa’s toughest problems in mining, logistics, software and app development, disease control, online casinos, fraud detection, and pharmaceuticals. 

MySmartFarm: provide farmers with agricultural intelligence that will assist them save time and money through optimised decision making. MySmartFarm is hosted in the cloud, is driven by statistics and powered by intelligent models and machine learning.

Jumo provide large scale, low cost financial services to emerging markets. The startup uses behavioural data from mobile phone usage to create financial identities for small to medium sized enterprises.

ThisIsMe: to reduce fraud, automate Know Your Customer checks and improve on-boarding as well as increase revenue while providing an on-demand, seamless customer experience.

Hepstar: provides specialised travel insurance merchandising services to online travel merchants. The startup employs data analytics, emerchandising, and machine learning. 

DroneClouds: drone startup helps farmers find crop issues sooner through satellites, drones and local agricultural experts. The company has been investigating the use of machine learning.

Predictive Insights:  works at the intersection of machine learning and behavioural economics to analyse, predict and nudge human behaviour. In addition, Predictive Insights also provides training on business behavioural science and machine learning.

Cortex Logic:  The startup has worked with Clevva, NuvaLaw and Jumo.

Cortex has developed solutions and products that include intelligent virtual assistants and advisors, fraud detection, churn prediction, smart risk scoring, smart trading, real-time customer insights, smart recommendations and purchase prediction, smart payment, medical risk prediction, precision medicine, and personalized AI search tools.


Incubators and accelerators

Injini is a Cape Town-based edtech incubator, it’s first cohort included startups employing artificial intelligence. Johannesburg digital innovation precinct and incubator Tshimologong has in the past held workshops on AI, while Standard Bank Incubator has expressed interest in disruptive fintech solutions, products and services that support the Fourth Industrial revolution and use AI.


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