Chinese Artificial Intelligence businesses towards Africa.

African thinkers to Chinese and American companies 

What are some of the fantastic concerns around AI?

They will take our Jobs?

What if they become evil?

If they become smarter than us, are we still in charge?

Stupid concerns?

One of the greatest benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to humankind is its influence on the medical field.

“Powered by some of the most sophisticated technology, AI is assisting in improving medical diagnosis, and much more in all sectors, right?

USA or China towards your African country about Artificial Intelligence?

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African entrepeneurs to Chinese companies

Where humans can’t see the solution, when AI will have the power to accurately look through data to correctly identify the problema? not now. Never?

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Artificial Intelligence – The opportunities for South African start-ups

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, at its most simple, the use of massive amounts of complex data to develop machines that will one day think and act like humans. Opinions on whether that is a good or bad idea is as varied as the number of experts you ask and chances are that you’ll bump up against a few confirmation biases along the line.

many ways AI can and is being used successfully by start-ups in South Africa.

AI in South Africa.

These concerns aside, there are ways AI is being used for more than just “Siri”. And South Africans are joining in. We may be decades away from truly developed AI entities that will function independently and safely. South Africa has a myriad of social, economic and cultural hurdles to cross before it will be ready to implement and use AI effectively. Yet there are still a few start-ups using AI already to give them the edge:

Vizibiliti Insight This start-up is using machine learning and big data, to provide AI solutions to uniquely South African problems such as predicting cable theft, pre-screening tenants and predicting the chances of them defaulting. They are being used successfully by big shopping centres and retailers.

Xineoh Xineoh’s application of precision mathematical modelling to advertising technology has generated over USD30 million for their clients. Among others, they work with ebay and Amazon, targeting customers based on similar customer behaviour.

Aerobotics This is another start-up using AI to solve problems, profitably. Aerobotics develops drone technology that provides farmers, mining companies and insurers with an aerial view of areas at risk, as well as satellite data, to diagnose, solve and prevent problems and cut costs. They have already had success here, in Australia and Europe.

Until then, Regus, the global company that offers flexible workspace, provides start-ups and businesses like these with technological solutions they need to excel, such as WI-FI, VOIP and solving rote tasks such as phone-answering and mail-handling. They also provide spaces for networking and collaboration between like-minded individuals.

The opportunities for changing the world with AI are many and it is no longer a case of “if” but “when”. But start-ups and entrepreneurs in South Africa have a real opportunity to get in the game and develop tech that could change the world in a uniquely South Africa context.

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