Asian LED Industry to Africa

African SUVs people towards China (ASIA).

LED Lighting Market Is Expected To Touch a Figure of Nearly Us$ 126,000 Mn by 2025Increasing adopting of LED lightings in commercial settingsGovernment initiatives promoting the use of LED lighting for cost-savings, energy efficiency and power conservationHigh durability of LED lighting products, compared to other alternative lightings

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 Ethiopia has been offering golden opportunities to those who want to invest in manufacturing businesses like textiles and garments/apparel, leather and leather products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, engineering and metal fabricated products, and agro-processing

What about Industry 4.0 and Laser and LED Industry?

Are you African willing to change part of your business in your country?

Take a look a these 2 reports

-the latest Horticultural LED Lighting market statistics and market scenario.

- China is by far the largest force in global clean energy development and its firms are increasingly looking abroad for opportunities, a new report says. The report, released Tuesday by the U.S.-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

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What Kenyan e-commerce firms can learn from the Chinese experience

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With the advent of economic globalisation and the information age, e-commerce has been developing rapidly and has great prospects. Kenya is one of a few African countries that quickly embraced the trend. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, the country of 49 million people had 30.8 million internet/data subscriptions by September 2017. Many e-commerce brands have opened shop in the market, including: Jumia, OLX, Kilimall and Cheki, among others.

The miracle Chinese e-commerce companies had achieved cannot be separated from their indigenously-developed market strategy, which may be worthwhile for the Kenyan online retail sector to learn from.

The way shoul be: moving more retailers online, facilitate buyer-seller communication and try to reduce prices

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