Africans can teach Americans about Aeroponics systems.

Africans, ready to rotate some matter about Farming Industry in your African country?

Africa can lead the world in new agro technologies? Right.

Africa is a market that until recently has been underdeveloped and somewhat dormant but shows signs of strong growth. This comes at a time when land availability and food production are decelerating in other geographies.

Agroecology is Advancing Around the Globe. Will the U.S. Take Part?

The U.S. is also home to many of the largest private philanthropies working on food systems.

Do you agree with charity? or with business for your African country?

Africa is making steady progress towards agricultural transformation. Over the past decade there has been a dramatic change in different countries and various localities. There is a noticeable upward shift in expenditure on agriculture by national governments in African countries.

On one end of the spectrum, there’s the enormous Gates Foundation, which gives over $200 million per year and has invested in genetically engineered seeds and works closely with companies like Monsanto and are opposed vociferously by agroecological movements in Africa.

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0? There's an App for that! The rise of apps in employment relationships?

Looking to begin a new career in the agri sector?

Cameroon welcomed this investment in Agro-business with a new plant from Nestlé, benefited from the incentives provided by the law of April 2013 on private investment incentives in Cameroon.

According to Thomas Caso, director of Nestlé Cameroon, twelve direct jobs were created thanks to this new unit whose construction required CFA2.7 billion. Also, in the coming years, 48 more jobs could be created because of this unit.

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Dr Marvin Dekil, the Coordinator of Hydrocarbon Pollution and Remediation Project, says the Federal Government is to train indigent Ogoni women and youths on agro-business.

is this a good idea? What do you think?

“The training is going to be under the framework of UNITAR. It will mainly be agro-based while we are also diversifying into other aspects. “Recently, the ambassadors of Norway and United States visited and we spoke at length about livelihood restoration. So, we are in active communication with the international community.” 

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High-tech greenhouse promises 120 jobs in Eastern Kentucky.

A proposed high-tech greenhouse in Breathitt County could create 120 new jobs in Eastern Kentucky, but two other similar projects have already fallen well behind schedule.

What about this for Africa? What do you think?

Ecological agriculture: Farming the smart way

Major agro-products that drive the economy are palm oil, rubber and cocoa. Besides these commodities, there are others like padi, tropical fruits and vegetables.

Demand for agro-products increases with global population growth, which is projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050?

Really? How people can do this predictions?

Fast Company’s second-annual World Changing Ideas Awards drew nearly 1,400 submissions in 12 categories

eroFarmsAeroFarms AidboxAidbox FARMING 4.0-powered aeroponicsGrowX Automated cricket farmsAspire Food Group

Chinese, american, European, Oceanian, Asian, African FARMING 4.0

ASEAN’s largest all-in-one agribusiness exhibition opens

This year, the exhibition focuses on the latest innovations in agricultural machinery, with the aim of improving Thai agro-industry to reach the Agriculture 4.0 era. Agriculture Future refers to farming practices that make use of digital technology to increase sustainability and productivity.

The trends in South Africa's agro-food system

Agro-food systems often differ considerably from country to country, depending on the level of development, resource availability, business sophistication and agro-food policies and legislation adopted. Even within countries, huge inequality in development and demographic dynamics will necessitate the development of a diverse agro-food system, as we have in South Africa.

The fourth industrial revolution is already in full swing as the fourth major trend, and the agro-food system is benefitting substantially from biotechnology, informatics, robotics, drone technology, digital information systems (for example, for traceability), etc.

USA – Brazil Agro 4.0

Yet for Brazil to grow faster for longer, it has to become more globally competitive. The now-stymied internal structural reforms are one path; economic opening is the other. And as Embraer and the many agro-businesses show, when given a bigger and more level playing field, Brazil’s companies can thrive. But they need the preferred access to markets that trade agreements would bring.

Nestlé Cameroon inaugurates a new milk products production unit in Douala

Russia to become one of leaders in global agriculture in coming years

I am confident that Russia will become one of leaders on the world’s agro-industrial market already in coming years. As you might pay attention, I said in the state-of-the-nation address that we plan to deliver to global markets a greater volume of foods versus our import in four years. That is, Russia will become a net exporter of foods," Putin said. 

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With rising incomes and the trend to urbanization, consumers are shifting away from purchasing essentially maize-based products or other cereals; and towards purchasing processed and fresh perishable foods, including meats and horticultural products.Reenergizing rural industries will top the agenda of China's rural vitalization strategy amid the country's efforts to build a modernized economy. takes you on a tour of rural areas across the country to see how the local governments help industries thrive.

China's Ministry of Agriculture recently announced a list of 135 agricultural products labelled "Agro-product Geographical Indications," 

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The United States and China announced tariffs last week on over $100 billion worth of U.S goods that included steel, aluminum, pork, soybeans and beef.  Clay & Milk wanted to ask the question, how could that impact Americans Chinese and Africans technology companies?      

50 Chinese firms expected for Ethiopia China Trade Week

About 50 Chinese companies are expected to participate in China Trade Week in Ethiopia from May 3-5, event organizer said on Wednesday.

Chinese companies engaged in automotive, construction materials, electrical and power supplies, agricultural machinery, agro-food processing, office equipment production and daily necessity products. 

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Tetra Pak eyes Future agro-business demand for innovative packaging and processing

On the processing side of Tetra Pak’s business, Thailand is a key growth country within Asean The government initiatives to grow the food innovation and agro-processing industries under Thailand 4.0 will give the company great opportunities to provide innovative solutions to those industries. 

“Our unique offer of integrated processing and packaging solutions will ensure that Thailand can show robust growth for many years to come,”

From farm to plate: the AgriNurture business model

AgriNurture Inc. is a company fully integrated into the agro-industry supply chain. President and CEO Antonio Tiu gives us his insight into agriculture sector in the Philippines and discusses his company’s business model, ‘From Farm to Plate’ 

The agriculture sector is also considered the biggest employment sector covering one third of the total population, while another 15% make up the sub-sectors of the industry. This shows that nearly half the Filipino population depends on the sector.

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

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