Africa importing USA Artificial Intelligence?

African to American and Chinese 4.0 companies

3 Interesting Artificial Intelligence Trends for Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

-Natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP) (Sylodium is this via logometry)

-Capsules approach aims to overcome the shortcomings of CNNs (convolutional neural networks) 

-Talk directly to the machine, the machine learn by itself? (Sylodium is in this via Heminemética proyect).

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African entrepeneurs importing from Chinese and USA

Tech Companies.

Major General Jin Yinan, a strategist at China’s National Defense University, celebrated America’s pullout from the trade deal. “We are quiet about it,” he said. “We repeatedly state that Trump ‘harms China.’ We want to keep it that way. In fact, he has given China a huge gift. That is the American withdrawal from T.P.P.” 

better USA or China towards Africa?

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African Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market, 2016

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This study provides an analysis of the African AI market, including the competitive landscape and the extent of AI market development across key African countries, along with the impact potential and extent of market penetration of various AI technologies and the degree of AI adoption across key industry verticals. It also gives an overview of the future trajectory of AI technologies adoption in Africa.


It also offers a snapshot of the AI-powered business applications in Africa; and the key consumers of AI solutions across leading industry verticals.

Further, it identifies the key market drivers and restraints that are urging businesses to adopt AI and analyses the key market trends that are prompting businesses in Africa to adopt AI. Moreover, this study discusses the product portfolio and acquisition-driven strategy of emerging international AI leaders like Cisco and IBM in the AI context.

It throws light on the start-up landscape in some key African countries, along with the solutions offered, technologies adopted and industries impacted.

The study also explains some of the key AI solutions that are addressing regionally relevant issues in the content. It explores key growth opportunities that businesses will look to invest in and the strategic initiatives they will adopt to accelerate their AI journey.

It also throws light on the key predictions for the South African AI market, in terms of consumption and technological advancements.  What are the key trends shaping the African AI market?  What are the ethical dilemmas concerning AI in Africa?  How is AI addressing African regional issues and which are the companies developing these solutions? 

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