M-Shule: educational African start-up using Artificial Intelligence


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Start-up snapshot: Using artificial intelligence to improve education

New from How we made it in Africa

by Justin Probyn

 M-Shule (meaning “mobile school” in Swahili) is a Kenyan edtech platform, designed specifically for primary school students across sub-Saharan Africa. The company uses artificial intelligence to create and deliver personalised learning programmes to students via SMS.

Some Questions to Claire Mongeau, founder of M-Shule

How did you finance your start-up?

We carried out a small friend and family funding round, which gave us enough runway to research, design, and finally build our pilot product. We then secured a pre-seed investment from EWB Ventures (Engineers Without Borders Canada) to fund our pilot. We’re currently raising a seed round for scale across Kenya

So far, what has proven to be the most successful form of marketing?

Education is a very human-centered sector. We’ve been most successful when we embrace a ‘design-thinking’ mindset and put our users at the heart of every decision. Our marketing has been very hands-on – we visit each school, work with the headteacher and staff to help them take ownership of the programme, and support each individual parent and student in coming on board. As we scale, our goal is to continue to build strong relationships with our customers that will encourage them to spread the word and keep coming back.

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