Reasonable Artificial Intelligence 3D from China to Africa 4.0

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Heminemetics Project (logometry Language) linked to Sylodium.

We are working in a general human language for computers representing words and syntax in coordinate space.

Meanwhile, rest fo people is working in AI in concrete matters, more or less useful, reasonable, or dangerous.

From incredible advances in autonomous vehicles and 3D printing to broadening application across banking, medicine, manufacturing and retail – to name a few:

artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere.

The developers of that AI, Or Fleisher and Shirin Anlen, recently updated their website with an interactive AI experiment that converts any flat imageto 3D.

Volume is being developed as an end-to-end solution for converting flat 2D images into 3D figures and environments. While the API is still in early development, it’s pretty easy to see this becoming a go-to application suite for video editors and game developers

Bilateral trade China – Africa 4.0, and USA  - Africa 4.0

You can build your own niches inside sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI 4.0, Beijing – North Africa AI APPS , Guangdong – West Africa FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION APPS and games, Florida – Nigeria AI 3D Ideas, California – South Africa FIR APPS, Shenzhen – East Africa New APPS 4.0; Ningbo - North Africa Vertical Artificial Intelligence

what about dangers of AI?

Elon Musk stated, ‘AI is a fundamental risk to human civilisation,’ the tech world lost their minds.

How somebody can be so stupid to talk about emotions for robots?

While opinions of automation greatly differ, there are more pressing realities at hand. Without strategic regulations, experts predict that terrorism, cybercrimes, and other forms of abuse might follow automation.

Researchers of artificial intelligence are advised to plan for potential errors or shortcomings in order to counteract the foregoing predicaments. Furthermore, corporations and governments should increase cybersecurity and work thoroughly with automation experts and legislators.

Google’s artificial intelligence technologies are being used by the US military for one of its drone projects, causing controversy both inside and outside the company. 

In a recent meeting, I was asked to extemporise on the topic of “Human-less Operations” with the underlying theme being how various subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable us to hyper-automate business processes and thus remove much of the work currently performed by humans from the equation. say Chief Technology Advisor, SAP Africa

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Do you imagine all the new kind of Jobs will emerge with Reasonable Tech in Industry 4.0 and specially in our AI, and IoT-IIoT projects, Heminemetics, Rexiology, Critaxis?

Do you have any ideas about relationing Asia Africa APPS with Industry 4.0? 

AI is everywhere, companies, global trade, geopolitics.. Everybody is in FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ,what about matching IoT with IIoT via your own APP between some Asian country with some African country? 

PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world's premier accounting firms, estimates AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the combined output of China and India. 


AI ExpoAfrica 2018 will focus on real-world applications, trends driving the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Economy in Africa and seeks to build an AI Business-focused community across the continent.Technology will always be one of the biggest disruptors in our industries. As a business leader myself, I have seen first-hand how the power of disruption can either cause chaos for a business or provide it with an opportunity to innovate and differentiate itself in exciting, new ways,” said Lee Naik, CEO TransUnion Africa & Digital Transformation Expert.


The center will fall under the umbrella of the Kukua Institute, an organization started by the Reshards to grow and share the cultural, intellectual and economic abilities and contributions of African Americans. The institute is meant to be welcoming to everyone and combine art, history, science and technology. 


the Russia chapter in the 2018 report is titled "Bearly Strong." Get the hint? The report's authors have discovered that Russia, with an economy the size of Spain's, an international competitiveness problem and a major soft power deficit, cannot remain the fulcrum of the security debate indefinitely. Compared with the previous two reports, China takes on a more prominent role.

 What I'd like to see -- it's too late this year, but maybe in 2019 -- is a word cloud that's big on "climate," "Africa," "migration." Items like "fentanyl," "guns," "radicalism" and "working homeless" wouldn't look out of place among the West's top security issues, either.

Florida vs. California

Lloyd Reshard wants to increase the odds that those businesses will be started right here in Pensacola.

Reshard, CEO of the technology startup Cognitive Big Data Systems Inc., is working to a launch a new training, research and development lab called the Center for the Innovation Workforce.  

The center will provide students with hands-on experience in programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other advanced technology. 

Global Barter platform

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