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LEDs have become so ubiquitous that we’re lighting everything, at a cost

Do you have any idea about the way to control light Pollution?

For a reasonable use of LED lighting, for a balance between tech and nature.

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The unfortunate side effect of LED lighting 

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Light pollution has increased worldwide because of the prevalence of energy saving LED lights. However, the problem isn’t with the lights themselves — but the fact that the world is getting brighter because LEDs are illuminating places we didn’t bother to light before.

Sure, Sylodium agrees, but we need LED lighting

"We'll light something that we didn't light before, like a bicycle path though a park or a section Environmental concerns drove the move into adopting long-lasting LED lights, but now there’s the risk of too much light which leads to a new set of problems.

Light pollution threatens nocturnal animals, plants and micro-organisms and is “increasingly suspected of affecting human health.” Light affects our body clocks and affects our sleeping patterns, and a lack of sleep is known to make us more susceptible to a range of health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression.

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