3D Printing Startup between China and Africa

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Param Mehta, Chief Executive officer, FORM3D Solutions Pvt Ltd

I was always interested in technology and manufacturing. I would read a lot and often visit factories as manufacturing always fascinated me. Those were the days when 3D printing had just been introduced. Completely taken over by the subject, I decided to dive into it

The first is scale. How do you scale it up? At some point 3D printing becomes unviable. That’s the nature of the technology. The second is that if the printers are not used for a week or two then things will go wrong. The technology still has to mature. Then you have every Tom, Dick and Harry who will have a 3D printer, but what creates a professional finished product is the 3D printable software. Anything won’t work. But customers often see such poor quality products that give 3D printing a bad name.

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Sometimes the best-laid plans for partnerships between business and government don’t come through. It usually comes down to money.

And so it was for David Prawel, a professor on the mechanical engineering research faculty at Colorado State University, who sought the city of Fort Collins’ support in establishing a community center for 3D printing and scanning.

His idea was to move the Idea-2-Product 3D printing lab, or I2P, out of its home in the basement of the CSU Engineering Building to a location that would provide better access to the community

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Everybody is in FIR, but, not everybody is in FIR with common sense.

Somebody has to delimited clearly the frontier between stupid technology, reasonable technology, and useful technology 4.0

Examples of stupid tech 4.0

Man builds $50,000 3D printed life-sized robot that looks just like Scarlett Johansson

In what is either the most impressive or downright creepy 3D printing project of the year, 42-year-old Ricky Ma has designed and built an extremely realistic 3D printed humanoid robot that looks (and moves) eerily like Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson.

Elon Musk has called it: you’re already a cyborg. Your smartphone enhances your mind, your spectacles enhance your vision, and your pacemaker (if you have one) regulates your heartbeat. Our environment is increasingly wired, sensor-filled, and digitally connected—and so are we! This trend will only continue.

As a secular transhumanist—someone who advocates for improving humanity by merging people with machines—I don’t believe in death anymore. At least, I don’t believe in biological death’s permanency the way most people do. Most people think that after death, the buried or cremated physical body decays into earth and stardust—the same stuff from which it originally came. They are correct.

But earth and stardust can also be forged, arranged and ultimately 3D-printed to create life. After all, humans and their brains are mostly just meat. What makes a human—and the three pounds of gray matter we all carry on our shoulders called a brain—be able to fly to the moon, play Mozart’s 5th Symphony and admire sunsets is how subatomic particles in that meat interact and play off each other. The jury is still out, but many futurists and technologists like me believe the subatomic world is just discernable math—a puzzle of numbers (and possibly some unpredictable variables) waiting to be calculated by super sophisticated microprocessors we will inevitably have in the next 30 or so years.

Examples of reasonable technology

Automobiles are problematic, yet we can’t exactly stop driving them if we want to maintain the modern society we live in today. Creative solutions are needed, therefore, to enable us to continue driving but ensure that we don’t do further harm to the environment and to our own health.

Alternative fuels and electric or hybrid cars are a good start, but some manufacturers are getting even more creative with their sustainable ideas. Last year, Michelin introduced a biodegradable smart tire, and now Goodyear is stepping in with its own fascinating concept of a tire that’s not just sustainably made, but can actually reduce the pollution that a car puts out.

Scientists have taken the idea of three-dimensional holograms from science fiction and have made them a reality through 3D printing techniques.

The clean, solid, interactive holograms portrayed in movies including Star Wars and television shows such as Star Trek are worlds away from our current reality.

Holograms are often thin, render poorly, and the equipment required to produce them is both time-consuming to set up and expensive.

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Example of useful technology

The work of two Peruvian scientists has been recognized at Google Research Awards for Latin America (LARA) for second year in a row.

Mirko Zimic and Jorge Coronel, from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Peru, are two of this year's 27 recipients.

Their work aims to facilitate early diagnoses of tuberculosis in low resources settings using mobile technologies and artificial intelligence.

This telediagnosis system analyzes an image obtained by a low cost microscope made using 3D printing in a remote center. The data is transmitted from a mobile phone.

Medical test results are available within a couple of days, instead of weeks after the check-up.

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