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Titan Robotics Brings Large-Format 3D Printing to West Africa

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Lagos, Nigeria, a place not commonly known for 3D printing, just got a huge innovation boost at one of the largest foundries in West Africa — Nigerian Foundries Limited.

Clay Guillory, Founder and CEO of Colorado-based Titan Robotics, traveled to Nigeria this past summer to help install the largest-format 3D printer West Africa has seen to date, a Titan Atlas. The Atlas is Titan Robotics’ flagship 3-axis industrial 3D printer, capable of printing a 30″ x 30″ x 45″ build area, with larger models available.

3D printing has the ability to print plastic patterns on demand within days, an application increasingly in focus for additive manufacturing. This not only benefits the foundry, but end consumers as well. 




Nigerian Foundries Limited President Vassily Oye Barberopoulos noted that with the addition of this printer, their lead times are dramatically reduced. In the video above, Barberopoulos notes the lead time advantages as follows:

“For us, it’s an important aspect because it means for most castings that we can print, we could actually make a pattern within 48 hours and be in production and have a product within a week out, something that would normally take us a month and a half.”

Nigeria is not new to innovation and 3D printing. Just last year, GE announced they would be setting up a GE Garage in Lagos. The country has also seen initiatives set up to bring 3D printing technology to its youth.

Besides the Atlas, Titan also offers a pellet-fed and most recently a multi-head extrusion printer, which works with Autodesk-Netfabb software to help reduce print time. Go check them out here.

In all, this is just a start of a wider trend for how 3D printing is changing the manufacturing game across all industries and continents.

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