Asian LED industry needing African workers?

Africans looking for jobs in LED industry 4.0 with Chinese and Asian tech companies?

Microgrids will bring the first reliable, affordable and scalable source of power without a large upfront investment.

Renewvia Launches Phase One of Its Africa, Solar-Storage Microgrid Initiative

Off-grid, smart-metered solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and inverters integrated with battery energy storage systems are now powering energy efficient LED lighting and direct current (DC) household devices and appliances across Sub-Saharan Africa.  

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the USAID-led Power Africa program last year, Atlanta, Georgia-based Renewvia Energy has commenced building three out of a planned 13 community “solar plus storage” microgrids in remote, off-grid areas of Kenya.

LED lighting and energy efficient DC devices and appliances for households and small businesses. Similarly, Renewvia pay-go systems architecture differs from those of mobile, pay-go solar systems vendors.

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0? There's an App for that! The rise of apps in employment relationships.

Technology: friend or foe?

Tech give employements, we know, obviously trends change and Revolutions need a time to adapt the demand to the offer

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report last week examining the historical trend in manufacturing work, and wider links to productivity and inequality.

for ex.: Phoseon Technology's work force has grown from 125 to 175 over the past two years, the vast majority of them at its Hillsboro headquarters. The company makes ultraviolet LED lamps used in industrial curing, LED lights that dry adhesives, coatings and ink.

LED Lighting Partnership Leads to American Jobs

OptimalLED, a lighting manufacturer located in Toledo, Ohio is pleased to announce the Company has signed an "Exclusive Partnership" agreement with Mason Technologies Co., Ltd. out of Shenzhen, China. This exciting new partnership provides OptimalLED with the exclusive rights to market Mason products in North America. With this alliance comes the opportunity for OptimalLED to expand business in 2018 across the U.S., and that includes job growth.

This despite in developed economies the trend of Industrial Jobs have gone down for years

This matters because -- for those of you who have been living in isolation -- recent political history has led to fresh consternation over the decline of manufacturing in Western economies. Much of that concern has focussed on the shrinking power of a once-affluent middle class that traditionally occupied these roles.

but in any case, in medium term, Robots will boost rather than destroy jobs

Could the rise of robots could be especially damaging to developing countries, by eliminating future factory jobs and preventing them from following the manufacturing-led growth model that helped pull hundreds of millions out of poverty in China, South Korea and Taiwan.

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ASIA . America, Europe Africa Tech 4.0

Sharjah – Rexton Technologies has announced that it will open the largest LED light manufacturing facility in the Middle East and North Africa region

Rexton Technologies will also launch a state of the art laboratory that specializes in LED light technologies within the Facility

he new facility is considered a significant step forward for Rexton Technologies in the LED Lighting segment, which focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability and reduction of operational costs. 

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Plane loos could soon get trendy Japanese sprays that clean your bum?

The new design for a plane bidet by Zodiac Aerospace will give passengers a squeaky-clean bum

Reasonable, useful or stupid advance? What do you think?

There’s also an LED lighting option, which can be used to disinfect loos each time they are used.

what about this one?

the Minnesota State Capitol and the Taj Mahal in India. Now, it has something else that sets it apart: a high-tech, outdoor LED lighting system.

The 153 LED lights shine on the top and sides of the building, communicating with each other over a network to create up to 16 million color combinations.

Switching to an LED-type fixture saves a substantial amount of electricity

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China conquers the old Europe by increasing the acquisitions of its industry. Just as the Greeks conquered Troy stealthily, silently and with astuteness, China gains positions in Europe going beyond the increase of entry of its product "Made in China" or trade cooperation, now interested in European industry.

City of San Fernando joins Asean lantern lighting rites together with Angeles City and 75 other local governments in the country, simultaneously switched on its Fernandino-made lanterns to mark the 50th Asean anniversary.

“The landmark lighting is a significant event to observe the 50th anniversary of Asean to help contribute to raising level of awareness of the citizenry on the importance and benefits of the Asean community,”

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What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?


Bridgelux has made a name for itself in delivering both packaged LED and modular components that help SSL product developers achieve new levels of light quality while delivering SSL products to market in a faster, more cost-effective manner.

Osram's Digital Lighting Systems has combined the best of both worlds in its Optotronic programmable LED driver that provides both emergency and normal mode functionality into a single driver that can be designed into various SSL luminaire designs, eliminating the need to install separate emergency backup lighting.

he LED driver also enables lighting to switch over from normal to emergency mode in less than 2 seconds.

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