A challenge to manage Artificial Intelligence in Africa?

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The rise of artificial intelligence in Africa

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AI’s unprecedented growth and impressive advancements are not limited to specific geographies but rather have an impact on all continents, Africa included. However, many African countries are still battling with issues related to the first, second and third industrial revolutions such as electricity, mechanisation of production and automation. Therefore, questions about Africa’s preparedness for the fourth industrial revolution are being raised: Is Africa catching up with the continual advancement in technology?

From cheap abundant labour to natural resources, Africa’s current strengths seem not to match with the fundamental needs of the fourth industrial revolution that consist mainly of colossal investment capital, research and development (R&D) and highly-skilled talent. However, the ongoing industrial revolution represents an opportunity, if used well, that will enable Africa to become a main player in the world economy.

ica is embracing technology in a way that sets it apart from other continents, according to a report by PwC. Across the continent, many sectors have been empowered by an early adoption of technology. Instances include the agriculture and healthcare sectors.

technology is improving the quality of life for people in Africa.Today, Africa presents a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship that is not constrained by legacy systems. This is an opportunity that should be seized by policy makers and businesses to develop their own distinctive technology model with the objective to bring to mainstream use all of the emerging technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, AI and the IoT.

Nouha Abardazzou is an analyst at Infomineo. infomineo.com


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